The Four Types of Damages You May Be Eligible to Receive Compensation for if You Were Wrongly Terminated in California

Have you been wrongfully terminated in the state of California? If so, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. To learn more about the damages you may be eligible to receive compensation for, keep reading. If you have questions, contact an employment law attorney who can help you by calling The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000.

1. Lost Wages and Benefits

If you were fired and it is found to be legally a wrongful termination, then you could be eligible to receive compensation for your lost wages and benefits. This is the back pay that you should have reasonably expected to earn if you had not been wrongfully terminated. You are also entitled to the benefits you would have received.

Note that if you are hired for a job – or the defendant shows that you could have been hired for a job – of similar wages and duties, then the amount you earned (or could have earned) will be deducted from the amount you are awarded in a settlement or jury award.

2. Damages for Pain and Suffering

If you have suffered pain and suffering or other emotional distress as a result of your firing, then you may be able to seek compensation for those damages. If you have experienced physical pain, loss of enjoyment of certain parts of your life, grief, anxiety, or even something like humiliation, you may be eligible for compensation.

3. Your Attorney Fees

If you are successful in your case, your attorney fees may be paid by the defendant. This is only true in very specific cases, such as those that fall under the Fair Employment and Housing Act, or wrongful termination under Sarbanes-Oxley. You can ask us at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker if your case may qualify to have your fees paid by the defendant.

4. Punitive Damages

Though much rarer than other types of damages, if your employer had particularly terrible behavior, the judge may assign punitive damages. While other damages are designed to compensate you, the victim, for your damages, punitive damages have nothing to do with you – they are all about punishing the defendant for their poor behavior. These are only awarded in wrongful termination cases involving oppression, fraud, or malice.

An Employment Law Attorney is the Best Person to Provide Answers to Your Legal Questions

If you are not sure if you have a case and want more information about the specific options that are likely available to you, we strongly recommend you contact an employment law attorney as soon as possible.