The Complications of School Bus Accidents Lead to the Need for an Experienced Bus Accident Attorney in Long Beach CA

School bus accidents are statistically uncommon, especially given the millions of miles driven by school buses in the United States each year. When accidents do occur, though, the ramifications are likely to be serious.

Why? To begin with, school buses lack the same level of safety equipment as other passenger vehicles. Seatbelts are not standard on most school buses, and airbags are almost unheard of. Because of their high center of gravity, school buses are also vulnerable to tip-over or roll-over incidents.

However, the fact that school buses are huge, hefty vehicles provides some safety to bus passengers. This implies that in an accident between a school bus and a pedestrian, a bicycle, or even another vehicle, the people hit by the bus are more likely to suffer serious injuries than the bus passengers. In reality, since 2004, three-quarters of deadly bus accidents have occurred outside the bus, rather than on board.

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Factors that complicate school bus accident claims

It may be difficult to obtain compensation for your child’s injuries and suffering if they were harmed in a school bus accident. If the bus driver was to blame for the accident, then the school district was also to blame. Suing a government institution, such as a school district, has its own set of challenges.

To begin with, there is a difference in the statute of limitations. When suing a school system, you may only have 6 or 12 months to begin the process, but you would have two years to file a normal traffic accident claim.

Second, the procedure for filing a claim is distinct. You must first submit a notice of claim with the school district or local government before filing a lawsuit. If you don’t follow these steps correctly, you won’t be able to file a civil lawsuit later. After receiving your claim, the school district will often settle, sparing you the time and inconvenience of going to court.

Do you require assistance from a bus accident attorney in Long Beach CA?

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