Strange Dog Attack in San Carlos Library Highlights the Danger of Dog Bites

Though there is nowhere in the world that is 100% safe at all times, most people have a feeling of safety when at the library. Unfortunately, a recent dog attack means that at least one woman may never enjoy the library again. Keep reading to learn more about this strange case and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you are injured in a dog bite attack.

The Dog Bite in Question

The dog attack happened at the San Carlos Library. According to an article from ABC San Diego News, a woman was at the library when another woman bumped into her. The first woman thought that when she had been hit, the second woman had something sharp in her backpack that stabbed her. However, when the first woman looked at the injury she realized that she was bleeding, that there were teeth marks, and that there were puncture wounds.

Those at the scene said the dog appeared to be a white Australian Shepard with black markings. The dog was sitting with the second woman. The woman with the dog said she was going to her vehicle to get the dog’s info, but she never returned to the library. This has further complicated the situation because the dog cannot be tested for rabies and so the injured woman now must receive a series of rabies shots. The San Diego Humane Society has asked that anyone with information contacts them.

Not All Dog Bites Warrant Legal Action

As an experienced personal injury attorney who has worked on many dog bite injury cases, we know that many clients assume that any time a dog bites them, they are entitled to compensation. The truth is that you may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered damages. For example, if your neighbor’s dog bit you but their teeth just grazed your arm and left no puncture wounds or bruises, then you likely would not have suffered any damages.

However, if you have a puncture wound, a bite to your face or hands, or have an injury that is ragged due to tearing or shaking by the dog, then it is worth contacting an attorney to find out what your legal options are. Remember that one in five dog bites become infected – get medical help right away.

You May Be Eligible for Several Types of Compensation

Depending on the nature of your injury and how serious it was, the at-fault party (or their insurance company) may pay your past and future medical bills associated with the bite, surgeries required to reduce scarring, necessary counseling to de3al with the trauma, and past and future loss of income. These are only some examples: Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to find out more about the specifics ways in which we can help you in your case.