Stay Safe When Driving in the Rain by Following These 6 Safety Tips

With our multi-year drought officially being pronounced over, it is time for California drivers to make sure they are staying safe when driving in the rain. Read these six safety tips to keep you secure, but if you are involved in a car accident during the rain, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

  1. Ensure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated and the Tread is Safe
  2. The tread on your tires is designed to grip the road by forcing away mud, water, and other debris. As the tired tread wears down or the tires are not fully inflated, then they will not grip the road as well. This can lead to the tires slipping or spinning. Look at your tires to see if there are obvious signs of wear, punctures, leaks, or other damage.

  3. Make Sure Your Windshield Wipers Are in Good Shape
  4. Having windshield wipers that remove rain is essential. If they are worn out or dirty, they can leave streaks that make it hard to see. If you notice that your wiper blades are worn, cracked, or frayed, then it may be time to replace them.

  5. Turn Your Headlights On
  6. In the state of California, the law requires that if you have your windshield wipers on, then you must have your headlights on. This helps to ensure that your vehicle is visible to other drivers.

  7. Keep Your Cruise Control Off
  8. The only time you should be using cruise control is when you are on a long highway drive and the conditions are perfect. If it is raining, if you are in a slower area, or if conditions are not perfect then you should not use cruise control. Doing so can increase your chances of hydroplaning when it’s raining.

  9. Slow Down
  10. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your passengers when it’s raining is to reduce your speed. Wet roads are slick roads and stopping can take longer if the roads are slick. Make sure there are at least two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you – longer if you are driving on a highway or interstate.

  11. Do Not Be Afraid to Pull Over
  12. A rainstorm does not mean that you cannot drive but if you are dealing with a torrential downpour that is significantly reducing visibility, then it may be worth pulling over. Make sure that you pull over somewhere safe in which other drivers can easily see you.

Have You Been in an Accident? Get a Free Legal Consultation

If you have been in a vehicle accident, whether it was raining or not, then you may need a legal consultation with a personal injury attorney. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is here to provide the legal advice you need – call our offices today at 800-333-0000 to get started.