Statistics About Big Rig Truck Accidents That Might Shock YouVehicle collisions can be minor or fatal, but one thing they always have in common is the potential for victims to sustain injuries. They also frequently have one thing in common: one or more drivers were irresponsible and accountable for the harm of the other party. However, not all vehicle accidents are created equal in terms of the harm they might do.

Large trucks are far more likely than other vehicles to cause serious damage or death, especially when they collide with passenger cars or motorcyclists. When you consider how much damage huge trucks may cause and how often victims of these accidents do not obtain the full amount of compensation they deserve, the figures are terrifying.

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Surprising statistics about big rig accidents

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the following are the facts about large truck accidents:

  • In 2019, more than 4,000 people died on the road as a result of large vehicles. Only 16 percent of those killed were truck occupants; 67 percent were passengers in other vehicles, and 15% were pedestrians, motorcyclists, or bicycles.
  • Between 2009 and 2019, the overall number of individuals killed in heavy truck collisions increased by 31%, with the number of truck occupants killed increasing by 51%.
  • Large trucks were involved in 11% of all fatal vehicle collisions. At least one huge truck was involved in around a quarter of all fatal vehicle incidents involving multiple vehicles.
  • Tractor-trailers were involved in nearly three-quarters of all heavy truck accidents. The last quarter was dominated by single-unit trucks, such as delivery trucks.
  • Approximately half of all fatalities in heavy truck accidents happened on major routes other than interstates or freeways, with roughly a third occurring on interstates. Minor subsidiary roads accounted for 15% of the total.
  • Between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., over half of all heavy truck collision deaths occurred. During those hours, however, just 30% of all vehicle deaths that did not involve heavy trucks happened. Large truck accidents were also more likely to happen on weekdays, with just 17% occurring on weekends. On the other hand, almost a third of fatal vehicle accidents involving other types of vehicles happened on weekends.

How large truck settlements leave victims unprotected

Large truck accident victims are frequently left vulnerable to unscrupulous insurance companies and transportation corporations. Many victims are led to believe that truck accidents are similar to other types of vehicle collisions, although this is frequently not the case.

Large truck drivers have distinct needs than passenger car drivers when it comes to driving their vehicles. They must keep track of their activities, have functional safety features, and adhere to other regulations. If they fail to do so, the liability concerns around a huge truck accident may alter. However, plaintiffs frequently require the assistance of a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable with large truck accidents in order to learn about these facts. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.