Should You File a Personal Injury Claim if Your Wrist Was Broken? Learn About the Factors to Consider

You will find some attorneys claim that you should file a personal injury claim if you have any injury at all. The truth is that while you can, and you might even win your case, if certain factors are not in place then you will not be likely to recover a sum that is worth the cost and hassle of a claim. Keep reading to learn about some of the factors to consider if you suffer a relatively minor injury such as a broken wrist.

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Can You Prove Someone Else Was Negligent?

The first question to answer when considering filing a personal injury claim is whether or not someone was negligent. If they were, then you must be able to prove not only that they were negligent but that their negligence led to your broken wrist. If you cannot prove that a party was negligent then you will not have a case – it is as simple as that.

That said, do not assume that if you do not have evidence right now, there is no evidence out there. For example, if you were injured in a car accident and the responding police officer could not determine who was at fault, there might still be options. There could be a witness you are not aware of, or your attorney might be able to work with an accident reconstruction expert to prove who was at fault.

Want Type of Medical Treatment Did You Need?

The more complex and expensive your medical treatment was, the more likely it will be that it’s worth it to file a personal injury claim. If you went to the ER, had your wrist set, and did not need additional help until the cast came off, then it might not be a strong case. If you required surgery to realign the bones, physical therapy after the cast come off, or other long-term, ongoing costs then you are more likely to have a case that is worth moving forward.

How Much Has the Injury Impacted Your Life?

Has your daily life been impacted by the accident and injury? If you fractured both wrists, you might have missed work. You might have had to hire a nanny or cook to help take care of the household. If you have experienced extensive physical pain, or emotional pain and suffering, then this can be compensated for in your case.

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