Disabled Widows Benefits in Palmdale CA

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If you are applying for disabled widows benefits in Palmdale CA then you may be dealing with a lot of stress. Not only have you lost your spouse, but you are now asked to navigate a potentially complex system. You are not in this alone. Keep reading to get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about DWB benefits and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 866-536-5788 if you would like to talk to an attorney who can help.

Are DWB Benefits in Palmdale CA Paid Immediately?

No. DWB are not paid the month in which the person dies. As a result, if your spouse receives a disability or SSA retirement check that covers the period of time between their death and the date you receive the check, you will need to return the money. Talk to your DWB attorney to find out if any money you have received needs to be returned. Note as well that you are likely eligible for a one-time $255 payout if you were living in the same home as your spouse at the time of their death.

Who Can Receive DWB Benefits in Palmdale CA?

If a person worked under Social Security long enough to qualify for benefits and dies, then their widow or widower may be eligible to receive disabled widows benefits in Palmdale CA. The number of work credits required to ensure a person qualifies will depend on how old the person was when they died. The younger a person is at the age of their death, the fewer credits they are likely to have and the less likely their widow is to qualify for DWB.

In order for a person’s widow or widower to qualify for benefits, they must have been at least 50 at the time of their death. The widow or widower must be disabled and their disability must have started either before the death of their spouse or within seven years of that date.

How Much Are Disabled Widows Benefits in Palmdale CA?

It depends on how old you are at the time of your spouse’s death. You will be paid a percentage of what their Social Security payments would have been. Surviving spouses who are at least retirement age get 100% benefit while those aged between 60 and full retirement will get somewhere between 71.5% and 99%. A surviving spouse between the age of 50 and 59 will get 71.5% of the worker’s benefit.

How Do I Get Help with Disabled Widow Benefits in Palmdale CA?

It is best to work with a disabled widow benefits attorney. When you choose The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, you can count on our commitment to finding the best possible options for you. Call us now at 866-536-5788 and we can get started right away.