Social Security Disability Attorney in Ontario CA

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Any experienced Social Security Disability Attorney in Ontario CA is used to answering many questions for clients. After all, this can be a complex situation. That is why we have come up with simple and straightforward answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you have additional questions or are ready to start working with an attorney, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 866-536-5788 for a free evaluation.

How Long Does It Usually Take to Get Approved?

The short answer is that it can take anywhere from 90 days to years. It largely depends on the specifics of each individual case and whether the initial application for benefits is approved or denied. If benefits are denied and an appeal must be filed, then the process can last years. The good news is that working with a Social Security disability attorney in Ontario CA can help make your case stronger.

What If I Do Not Have Medical Evidence to Support My Claim of Disability?

A lack of medical evidence will result in your application being automatically disqualified. However, older medical evidence can sometimes be used to support your claim, depending on the facts and circumstances of your case. Consulting with a Social Security Disability attorney in Ontario CA can help you assess whether your old medical evidence will support a current claim.

What Are My Options if the Social Security Administration Sets up a Medical Evaluation?

In short, your best option is to go to the examination. While Social Security will not specifically deny you benefits for not going to the examination, they will deny your benefits if you do not have adequate medical evidence of your disability. If Social Security requests a medical evaluation then that is a sure sign that they do not believe you have adequate medical evidence to support a claim for Social Security Disability Benefits in Ontario CA.

What if I Work While Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits in Ontario CA?

Talk to your attorney. It is possible to work part-time and still be considered disabled, but your work income will offset any SSDI benefits you would be entitled to. We can assess your current income, your disability status, and other factors to determine what your likely benefit would be and what you could gain from filing for it.