Discover 3 secrets that can keep you from being shortchanged on your compensation after a car accident

Secrets for Dealing with Insurance Companies After a Car Accident

Car insurance is absolutely essential for helping car accident victims secure compensation for injuries and property damage. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are not exactly incentivized to make sure victims receive maximum compensation. In fact, they often try to minimize the amount they have to pay out on any given claim. After all, insurance is a business and car insurance companies need to protect their bottom line.

Car insurance companies rely on accident victims to be unaware of their rights and make mistakes that will help reduce the compensation they must be paid. But this doesn’t have to happen to you. Here are three secrets that the car insurance companies don’t want you to know. These secrets can help you protect your ability to secure full and fair compensation after an accident.

Call Your Attorney First

Common wisdom often says that we should call our car insurance company immediately after an accident. This isn’t actually the best idea. After an accident, you are likely to be confused and overwhelmed, and perhaps even in shock. It would be very easy to inadvertently make a statement that could be taken as an admission of fault for the accident. If you are even partially at fault, this will reduce the amount of compensation you can receive. You are much better off calling a car accident attorney first, and letting them manage your interactions with the insurance company.

You Don’t Have to Make a Statement ASAP

Car insurance adjusters are eager to get various involved parties to make recorded statements ASAP. One reason for this is that they want to assign liability for the accident. Another is that they want to put a dollar figure on your damages. Once they do this, it will be very difficult to change it. If you have late-appearing injuries such as whiplash or complications from your injuries, it will be very difficult to get fair compensation because the insurance company won’t want to increase the value they’ve already assigned to your claim. If an insurance adjuster calls you wanting a statement, just tell them that your car accident attorney is handling the matter for you. Your attorney will advise you when it is appropriate to make a statement, and also make sure you are prepared to do so in a way that will support your case for maximum compensation.

Never Accept the First Settlement Offer

The first settlement offer you receive from an insurance company is almost never their best offer—regardless of what they might tell you. Before accepting any offer, have your car accident attorney review it. If the offer is too low, your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company for a better offer that is fair and adequate to cover your needs.

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