A $289 Million Jury Verdict May Pave the Way for Further Roundup and Ranger Pro Cancer Cases

In a recent jury decision, Roundup, the world’s most widely sold weed killer, is being held responsible for the cancer of a former school groundskeeper. Have you or a loved one used Roundup and suffered health issues? If so, read on to learn more about these Roundup cases and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. We can begin with a free legal consultation to let you know if you have legal options.

Most of the jury award was punitive

One interesting fact about this lawsuit is that the majority of the money came from punitive damages. These are damages the court includes to actually punish the at-fault party. In fact, of the $289 million awarded, $250 million was for punitive damages and $39 million was for compensatory damages, which were directly related to the economic and noneconomic costs of the plaintiff and his descendants.

This case was the first to go to court but there are many more coming

Dewayne Johnson, the plaintiff in this case, is just one of more than 800 people who have sued Monsanto, the parent company of Roundup. However, his case moved forward more quickly because his doctors said he was close to dying. In the state of California, a plaintiff who is filing a personal injury case can have their trial expedited.

Future cases are on the way

Some of the plaintiffs against Monsanto include cancer patients, the spouses of deceased cancer patients, and children of deceased cancer patients. Monsanto continues to claim that there are numerous studies showing that Roundup does not cause cancer. They claim that there is a 40-year history of the product being used safely and they will continue to argue this in future cases, despite the fact that it was not successful for them in this case.

The truth about Roundup

Roundup, which is the brand name for a compound known as glyphosate, has been declared “probably carcinogenic to humans,” by the International Agency for Cancer Research, which is within the World Health Organization. They point to a few studies that show there is a link between Roundup and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Of course, Monsanto says there are many other studies that say that it is safe for use and is not linked to cancer.

We are following this case and ready to help you with yours

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