Rental Car Accident Coverage and What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

When planning any type of trip that involves renting a car, it is essential to also plan what you will do in the event that you are in a car accident in that rental car. Keep reading to learn if your auto insurance policy covers you, if your credit cards might cover you, and when it might be a good idea to buy additional coverage.

Find Out What Your Car Insurance Policy Covers

Some car insurance policies do cover accidents if you are in a rental car, but this is far from standard, so it is important to know what is covered. Do this before you rent the car. You can read through your likely complex policy, or just call the car insurance company directly. If you do the latter, ask them for what page on your policy your coverage is listed. It is always wise to make sure that what you have in writing matches up with what they are telling you.

Find Out What Your Credit Cards Cover

These days, many credit cards offer coverage if you are in an accident in a rental car. However, this generally requires that you rent the car with the card in question, so make sure you are using the right card. Second, know that the credit card insurance coverage might only be secondary coverage – not primary coverage.

If you are planning to count on credit card rental car coverage, make sure you talk to a representative and find the information they give you within your policy. Once again, you should trust what they say but then verify that you have it in writing.

Consider Getting Rental Car Insurance on Your Own

If your own insurance policy does not cover rental cars and you do not have coverage on any credit cards, then you should buy your own rental car coverage. While you can do so when you rent your car, you can also look into policies ahead of time. There are many third-party rental car insurance companies, many of which you can find online. Look at their rates and compare them with what the rental car company will charge you to determine which is the best option.

Look into Car Rental Insurance at the Car Rental Office

If you are unexpectedly renting a car, then you might simply choose to add additional coverage. If you have done all of the above and have not found a great option, then you might want to add coverage at the counter. The key is to ensure you do have some type of coverage.

If you end up involved in a rental car accident, your steps are identical to any car accident: get medical care, file a police report, and talk to a personal injury attorney to find out what your best options are.