Will a speed limiting device work to lower the risk of truck accidents?

Reducing Speed-Related Truck AccidentsTruck accidents are a major problem on our roadways, from California to Florida. A collision with a big rig has the potential to be deadly, given the size difference between the average personal vehicle and a semi truck.

Unfortunately, there is little that most drivers can do to prevent truck accidents.  Lack of sleep, being on a tight time schedule, and driver inattention can all lead to devastating accidents. However, new regulations may help in the fight to prevent truck accidents.

Excessive speed is a factor in almost a quarter of all accidents involving big rigs. In 2014 alone, accidents involving large trucks and buses caused 4,000 deaths.  Speeding trucks and buses caused up to 1,000 deaths that year.  Reducing the speed that these vehicles can travel could save lives each year. Forcing large commercial vehicles to slow down could save up to 96 lives per year.

The Department of Transportation (DOT), the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) have proposed new rules on just how fast large commercial vehicles — like trucks, buses and other oversize or overweight vehicles — can travel while on our nation’s highways.  Under this regulation, any vehicle weighing more than 26,000 pounds will have to have a device installed that limits the maximum speed of the vehicle to 60, 65 or 68 miles per hour.

The goal of this legislation is to reduce both the number of crashes involving large commercial vehicles as well as the severity of these crashes.  A reduction in these numbers will likely lead to fewer fatalities and serious injuries.   If this proposed regulation is approved, then it would go into effect in 2018.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a big rig, there are things that you can do to help improve your chances of recovering compensation so that you can move forward with your life.  These recommendations are just for people who are able to do so — obviously, if you have been seriously injured, you will not be able to do most of these things.  But if you can, start by documenting the scene, perhaps by taking pictures with your smartphone.  Next, gather all information possible — the name and insurance information of the driver, who he drives for, and any other details about the truck and the driver.  Ask witnesses for their contact information, and take note of any nearby cameras that may have captured the accident.  Do not admit fault to the driver, a police officer, or anyone else — including any representative of the trucking company.  Finally, call an experienced truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

Being hurt in a truck accident is scary and can lead to very traumatic injuries or even death. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a crash involving a tractor trailer or other heavy commercial vehicle, contact the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 or We will work hard to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve, and we won’t ever charge a fee unless we get money for you!