Recent Dog Bite Attack Showcases the Need for Pet Owners to Take Their Responsibilities Seriously

A truly terrible dog attack was caught on camera in Northern California this summer. According to a local news report in Half Moon Bay, the owner of the dog has been a pain in the community for many years. There were even families that had restraining orders against him but nothing was done. Then a severe dog bite was caught on tape and the community hopes something will finally be done.

The Specifics of the Case in Question

The accident occurred when a woman was walking with her son, walking their dog. The woman in question recorded the incident because she knew the dog had a history of being aggressive with people. Seconds after she started recording, the dog ran toward them. The woman dropped her phone but the video can still be heard – and the woman is screaming for help.

According to the woman, the dog bit her finger and scratched her calf. The dog then pinned down their dog. The neighbor who owned the dog was there while this was happening and, according to the woman and her son, simply stood by and laughed. After a while, he pulled his dog away but did not apologize.

The woman says that she and her son were both very scared but were not surprised – after all, the dog had a history of terrifying the neighborhood and so did its owner. The woman attacked was one of six families in the neighborhood that had a restrainer order against the dog’s owner. They are all begging the police to do something about the dog and its owner.

What the Law Says About the Case

California is what is known as a strict liability state. This means that the owner of ap et is responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused by their pet – whether or not the attack took place in a public or private location and whether or not the owner had any prior knowledge of its dog’s attack history. It appears that, based on the limited facts available in this case, the dog and owner had a history of terrorizing the neighbors to the extent that they had restraining orders filed against them.

If the criminal courts won’t take action, the victims may have options to file a civil case against the owner of the dog. This can help them recover compensation for their economic damages, such as lost wages, and medical costs, as well as their noneconomic costs such as pain and suffering. The best way to find out if you have a case if you have been in a similar situation is to request a free consultation from an experienced personal injury attorney.