Recalled Takata airbags continue to present a danger to the public

Recalled Airbags Cause Injuries in Used Cars

Although airbags are designed to protect vehicle occupants in the event of a collision, when airbags are defective they can be deadly. This has been the case in numerous accidents involving Takata airbags. The casings holding these airbags can explode when the airbag deploys, launching shards of plastic and metal into the air and causing deep, sometimes deadly lacerations.

Takata airbags were used by many car manufacturers, so getting this defective product off the roads required massive recalls involving millions of vehicles. Unfortunately, the danger is not over. The defective airbags that were removed from the recalled vehicles are now being sold as replacement parts, without buyers ever knowing the risk.

Used Airbag Injures Woman

A few months ago, a woman named Karina Dorado got into an accident in her used car. When the airbag deployed, shards of plastic and metal came with it. Her throat was pierced and she required several weeks of hospitalization. Surgery will be required to close the hole in her trachea, and she will likely need speech therapy to help compensate for damage to her vocal cords.

This scenario will sound familiar to anyone who has kept up with Takata airbag accidents. But how did it happen to a woman with a used car that was not on the Takata recall list?

According to Dorado’s attorney, the used car had been previously involved in a collision and repaired before Dorado purchased it. Whoever repaired the car used a recycled airbag from a Honda vehicle that was on the Takata recall list.

Who Is Liable for Injuries from Defective Replacement Airbags?

Establishing liability for injuries caused by defective airbags that were installed as replacement airbags in used cars can be a very tricky matter. The person who sold or installed the airbag would only be liable if they knew it was defective—in other words, if they knew it was part of the Takata recall. Many vendors don’t keep track of the origin of their replacement parts, and it can be very difficult to trace the origin later on.

Have You Suffered an Airbag Injury?

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