Reasons Why Car Insurance Claims Are Often Denied and How to Avoid It

All too often, a car insurance company denies the claim made by their insured or someone their insured was involved in an accident with. If you have recently been involved in a car accident, then it is important for you to know the most common reasons car insurance claims are denied and how to avoid having your claim denied.

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Policy Limits

When a person buys auto insurance, they select a certain type and level of coverage. The higher the coverage limit is, the more the policy will payout in the event of a claim. It might be that the insurance company will deny portions of your claim because it exceeds the benefit amount of the policy.

For example, if you are involved in a car accident in which you are at fault, and you do not have collision coverage, then your insurer will deny any claim for the cost of repairs because your policy does not cover it.

The Victim Was in Violation of State Law

In California, it is illegal to drive without a valid driver’s license as well as some type of financial responsibility to drive legally – which usually comes in the form of auto insurance. If you were not legally driving, then your insurer can deny your claim. This also includes issues such as driving while intoxicated and breaking other laws.

The Insurer Has Doubt About the Legitimacy of the Claim

If the insurer does not believe your side of the story, then they might deny your claim. To avoid these issues, make sure that you report the accident to the police and/or your insurer right away. Seek medical attention right away to prevent the insurer from suspecting that you are trying to sue for damages for an injury caused by something other than the accident.

Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

At the end of the day, the best way to increase your chance of getting the settlement you deserve is to gather as much evidence as you can. Talk to others at the scene of the accident to find out what they saw. Take pictures. Note any weather issues. Write down your recollections as soon as it is safe to do so – you might be surprised to see how quickly you will forget the specifics of the accident.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney

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