Proving Distracted Driving Can Be Difficult: Here Are Five Methods of Doing So

All actions that cause a driver to take their hands off the wheel, their eyes off the road, or their focus away from driving are considered forms of distracted driving. Nearly 400,000 people are injured in traffic accidents each year as a result of distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

You might be wondering how to prove it if you were hurt in an automobile accident that you think was brought on by a distracted driver. These five different sorts of proof could be useful. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to request a free legal consultation if you have suffered an injury in a distracted driving accident.

The police report

Police reports are important pieces of information for any kind of auto accident injury case since they include a wealth of information regarding the accident’s circumstances and the officer’s assessment of who was at fault for it. This would be pretty obvious evidence that distracted driving was the cause of your accident if the officer really saw the other motorist engaging in distracting behavior or if they saw evidence of that behavior right away following the accident.

Cell phone history

Cell phone use is a major cause of distracted driving accidents, and it is exceedingly risky to talk, text, use applications, and browse the internet while driving. Cell phone records could be used to support your suspicion that the driver who hit you was talking on a phone at the time of the collision. You will require the assistance of a car accident attorney who can assist you in obtaining the required subpoena in order to access these documents.


Driving may put you in front of the camera more often than you realize. Your accident may be caught on camera by traffic cameras at junctions, security cameras at neighboring businesses, or even dash cams on other drivers’ cars. It is definitely worthwhile for your auto accident lawyer to get in touch with camera owners and request access to their footage in order to determine if it has any proof of distracted driving or other important details.


Any anyone who saw the accident happen can testify in your favor. Both pedestrians and other vehicle drivers fall under this category. Witnesses ought to hang around the accident area until police can speak with them. The police report will reflect their testimonies. Your attorney can re-interview them if they observed any inattentive driving conduct to acquire further evidence for your case.

Accident reconstruction

To determine how accidents occurred, accident reconstructionists analyze tangible evidence from accident scenes. Reconstruction in distracted driving situations is likely to show that the driver’s lack of attention to the road is the only plausible explanation for the accident.

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