The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker has been advocating for consumers against the dangers of defective products for decades now.

The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker has been advocating for consumers against the dangers of defective products for decades now. And from the “You’re Not Going To Believe This” file, one particular product that our office purchased (that was later recalled) failed spectacularly, twice, even sending one of our employees on his way to a chiropractor.

The Quantum Realspace PRO 9000 Series Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair recall was issued on October 16, 2009. In January 2008, our office purchased the first of our Mesh Chairs. “It’s a great chair” was the consensus. We purchased additional chairs in August and September 2008 and March 2009. The last Mesh Chair we purchased was in November 2009, just after the recall was announced.

It happened in May 2009. In what can only be imagined as comic book-styled onomatopoeia: CREAK CREAK SNAP BOOM! One of our employees went tumbling backwards out of his chair as the support bolts of the chair snapped. He was lucky, only having minor bumps and bruises. Months later, the recall was announced. Our office received no notification from the vendor or manufacturer that the chairs we purchased were being recalled. Before we actually discovered the recall, ANOTHER one of our chair’s bolts snapped, leading to an office recalled chair failure rate of 50%!

When we received our repair kits, we noticed the differences immediately. The replacement bolts were much sturdier. But then we noticed something odd about the Raynor Mesh Chair we had purchased after the recall. Not only was it fitted with the new bolts, but was fitted with FOUR bolts instead of two bolts. While it was comforting that Raynor redesigned the chairs after their recall, it was little consolation for our office, which had not received any notification of the recall until after our first chair broke.

Recall Repair Kit Instructions


As consumers, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is just like everyone else: we want the products we purchase to be safe. When products aren’t safe, we can empathize with the victims injured by these defective products. We work with a nationally recognized team of product liability attorneys to protect consumers and hold negligent corporations responsible for injuries caused by their defective products.

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