Stress-Related Workplace Injuries

Stress-Related Workplace Injuries In California

Stress-Related Workplace InjuriesAmericans have always been noted for their dedication to their jobs.  However, many companies are overly demanding, resulting in unhealthy work environments.  There has been an increase in work pressures, excessive workload, toxic work environments, significant technological demands, and job instability. When you do not feel appreciated at work or do not have decision-making control over your work obligations, it can lead to some very real and very physical ailments. Thankfully, California understands that mental wellness is an essential component of functioning. As a result, California has enacted legislation to safeguard persons with mental illness due to work-related stress.

Common Reasons For Work-Related Stress

With today’s unpredictable economy and heavy competition, employees are concerned about job security. The worry of losing their job and having to satisfy high expectations raises performance pressure. A situation like this allows employees to demonstrate their abilities and strengths. Long hours, overtime, high expectations, and even discrimination are bound to cause stress. 

Workload: Probably the most evident cause of workplace stress. The job trend is to hire a few people and make good use of them. Companies want to know how much employees work smarter and whether they continue to do the same routine with more work. Increased job demand forces employees to work longer hours. High-ranking managers expect their employees to perform significant volumes of work quickly and before a deadline. 

Lack of Training and Resources: Meeting job needs is undoubtedly difficult if a person is not properly trained for the project. Employees that have been trained and are prepared for the assignment can easily perform and fulfill deadlines. If, on the other hand, an employee is assigned work for which they do not have the necessary skill set, they will most likely become anxious as a result of the demands. 

Harassment and Discrimination: It is unfortunate that many are still subjected to workplace harassment and discrimination. Be it from supervisors or even fellow co workers, harassment and discrimination can lead to debilitating mental injures. 

Managerial Style: Certain controlling managerial styles have been shown to influence employee stress levels. Some bosses have strong authoritarian control methods and allow their employees’ minimal latitude in decision-making or planning. Employees working under these conditions are understandably agitated owing to a lack of control over their job and stringent deadlines.

Workers’ Compensation

Symptoms Associated With Stress

We’ve had a long and stressful day. We can recover fast since the experience has a beginning and end. The stress may cause mild discomfort but no long-term concerns. What if you were under constant stress every day? Stress has an odd way of manifesting itself. Stress-related illnesses are highly individualistic, yet there are certain commonalities:

  • Anxiety
  • Upset Stomach
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Frequent Illnesses
  • High Blood Pressure

These are only a few of the ailments. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, in Southern California, has worked with many clients who are coping with mental stress and require representation. Even though California has embraced mental health, many insurance companies are skeptical of claims. Because mental diseases are difficult to pinpoint when they began, making claims with an accurate start date might be difficult. As a result, insurance companies may find it difficult to determine how to compensate; as a result, they may postpone or refuse a claim.

What Can I Do If I Have A Stress-Related Injury?

Identifying the causes and symptoms of job stress is critical to identify the causes and symptoms of job stress. Understanding workplace stress allows you to identify problems before they become serious.

The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker workers’ compensation lawyers realize that stress-related disorders are more than just being unhappy. When you are dealing with not only mental anxiety but also the physical manifestations of stress, it can have a negative impact on your entire life. You are no longer the same person. You lose interest in your profession and in your social life, which leads to feelings of isolation and a desire to withdraw. Don’t let insurance firms scare you into believing you’re not eligible for reimbursement. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker now at 866-536-5788.