Rear End Collisions In California

Following a Rear-End Collision: What to Do

Rear End Collisions In CaliforniaA car striking the one in front of it results in a rear-end collision. Speeding and distracted driving are the main causes of rear-end crashes.

Cases involving rear-end collisions are difficult to resolve, and lawyers are frequently needed. The legal staff at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker can assist in reviewing your case to ascertain the proper damages you should be granted.

Not every rear-end crash scenario is cut and dry. The motorist in the back is typically assumed to be at fault. However, there are several exceptions. An experienced auto accident lawyer should be contacted immediately if you were hurt in a rear-end incident.

Who Can Be Held Responsible For A Rear-End Collision?

No matter why you stopped, if someone hits you from behind, it is typically always their fault. You must be able to stop safely if a car stops in front of you, as stipulated by a fundamental road regulation. Therefore, if you are tailgating and fail to stop in time, rear-ending the car in front of you, you are probably not driving as safely as you should be given the conditions. While not every rear-ends crash scenario is simple and dry, several exceptions exist. An experienced auto accident lawyer should be contacted immediately if you were hurt in a rear-end incident.

Whether you were the front or back driver, you should seek the assistance of a lawyer experienced in handling situations such as this one if you want full and just compensation for your losses.

Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker today, and our dedicated rear-end collision lawyers will help you:

  • Prove that the other driver was at fault.
  • Establish the full extent of your injuries and their costs.
  • Get more monetary compensation for other damages besides medical bills like lost wages and pain and suffering.
  • Obtain maximum recovery.

California Rear-End Car Accident Injury Claims

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Who’s Fault Was It?

On the one hand, it might be accurate to say that a rear-end collision frequently results from the motorist in the back tailgating or being distracted while driving. Because of this, new drivers are always instructed to leave a “buffer” space between their car and the one in front of them to allow for sudden or unexpected stops.

There are circumstances, nevertheless, in which the lead driver was at fault. For instance, they might have been traveling far slower than the posted speed limit, which can be just as risky as doing so, or they might have been on drugs or alcohol while driving. Additionally, reckless driving, such as cutting someone off and abrupt stops in the middle of freeways, can contribute to accidents.

What Is The Value Of Your Claim?

You are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, missed wages while receiving treatment, and the total cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle. You shouldn’t accept any settlement from an insurance company without first speaking to a lawyer since opposing insurance companies always try to undervalue your injuries and property damage.

Numerous variables affect how much a rear-end case settles for. However, case values are often determined based on the following three factors:

  • The extent of the property damage.
  • The seriousness of the victim’s injuries.
  • Both parties have insurance.

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Determining Liability

In a case involving a rear-end collision, the court may take into account several things, including the following:

  • Any involved parties who have committed traffic offenses.
  • The participation of a third party.
  • Witnesses
  • Weather and Traffic Situations
  • Whether there was alcohol or drugs used.
  • Physical proof, such as bumper damage, skid marks, etc.

The correct lawyer can assist you in winning the case by looking into your accident and presenting your side of the story using the evidence that is found.

Quick Rear-End Collision Facts In California

  • The LA Times reports that a rear-end collision happens every 17 seconds and accounts for one-third of all car accidents.
  • Additionally, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a trade association for the insurance sector, reported that its analysis indicated automated braking systems can lower insurance injury claims by as much as 35%.
  • The NHTSA asserts that soft tissue neck injuries are the most frequent injury resulting from rear-end crashes. Although this kind of injury usually doesn’t pose a life-threatening hazard, it can still result in chronic pain and impairment.
  • The greatest strategy to prevent rear-end collisions is establishing a “safety cushion,” i.e., keeping a distance of two seconds between each vehicle. This makes it possible for every driver to see and react to a road hazard.
  • According to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the State of California, rear-end crashes are the main cause of fatalities in construction zones. Furthermore, drivers and passengers are the most common fatalities in work zones.

Which Damages Are Recoverable?

Economic Damages: These losses are material and have a financial value. A few examples are expenses for short-term and long-term medical care and recovery, loss of anticipated income, and loss of necessary home services. 

Non-Economic Damages: These damages are abstract and cannot be directly quantified. The loss of a loved one is one example of emotional and mental pain.

Why Do I Need Legal Counsel?

Cases involving rear-end collisions are frequently complicated and call for experienced help to correctly determine some legal issues. The staff at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker can assist in reviewing your case to establish the right amount of damages to award you. To learn more about our legal services, contact us right away. 800-333-0000.

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