Hit and Run Accidents

California Hit And Run Accidents

Hit and Run AccidentsWhen you hear the phrase “hit and run,” you probably picture a car striking a pedestrian and then speeding off without stopping to render aid or dialing 911. Even if these catastrophic incidents happen, not all hit-and-runs are as severe. When a small car accident leaves someone else with a few scrapes and bruises, someone may be charged with hit-and-run. Even when an accident wasn’t their fault, a person might be accused of hitting and running. As required by law, everyone involved in a collision must stop and disclose their basic personal information since California takes traffic accidents seriously. If you were involved in an accident and the person who hit you decided to leave because they believed everything was fine or didn’t think it was necessary to leave you their information, contact a hit-and-run accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker immediately.

A Hit-and-Run Accident: What Is It?

When at least one party to an accident flees the scene without giving information or helping the other parties, it is known as a hit-and-run. Additionally, in California, you risk being charged with a crime if you leave the scene of an accident without reporting it. Please remember that even if the hit-and-run was not the driver’s fault, they might still be charged.

Vehicle Code of California & Hit-and-Runs

The California statute governing how hit-and-run accidents resulting in injuries are prosecuted is Vehicle Code 20001 VC. This law makes it against the law for someone to leave the scene of an accident while someone else is hurt or killed. A misdemeanor charge can only be brought in cases where the accident caused property damage but no injury to anyone. The guilty individual, however, may be punished with a felony hit and run under this legislation if the accident results in harm or death.

It is a felony hit-and-run offense to continue driving after being engaged in an accident that results in harm or death. These are the components of this offense:

  • Someone was hurt or killed other than the driver.
  • They failed to halt whether the driver was at fault for the collision or not.
  • The motorist declined to give their contact information.

Whether or not you were at fault for the collision, you could still be prosecuted with hit and run. This means that you should stop driving and remain at the scene of any traffic collision where someone may have been injured. If possible, you should share information with the other parties involved and provide the police with a statement.

What to Do Following a Hit-and-Run Accident

Car accidents frequently occur on the congested freeways and streets of Los Angeles. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that 2,049 people died from hit-and-run accidents in 2016, the most since 2009. Since 2006, there have been 682,000 hit-and-run incidents annually in the US, with pedestrians and cyclists accounting for 65% of the fatalities.

If you were a victim of a hit-and-run accident and there was property damage, you are probably going through a very difficult time. However, it is important to maintain your composure and gather as much information as possible about the situation.

The more details you have regarding the collision, the more likely law authorities will find the driver who caused your injuries. These details will also help our hit-and-run lawyers pursue the highest compensation for your injuries and property damage. Always try to get the make, model, and license plate number of the car that hit you or your vehicle if at all feasible.

Additionally, you want to try to identify any witnesses to the incident and ask for their contact information so that they can assist in your case. To the best of your abilities, you should also attempt to gather the following details before leaving the accident scene: drivers license; insurance information; vehicle vin number; the date and place of the occurrence; images of the scene; and, if there was property damage, photographs of your car and any other damaged property.

What Conditions Affect Hit-and-Run Victims Most Frequently?

Vehicle collisions can result in a variety of injuries. There may be a delay before receiving medical treatment due to the sudden nature of a hit-and-run accident. The victim frequently sustains serious wounds.

Our lawyers demand full reimbursement for costs associated with injuries, such as:

  • Injury to the Spine
  • Broken or Fractured Bones
  • Damage to Internal Organs
  • Paraplegia and/or Quadriplegia
  • Head Injuries
  • Loss of Limb or Amputation
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Paralysis
  • Death

All discussions with insurance companies and the legal representatives of the negligent parties are handled exclusively by our skilled accident lawyers to lessen the consequences of the pain and suffering undergone by our clients who were the victims of a hit-and-run accident. The hit-and-run accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker are familiar with the legal jargon, intricacies, and nature of compensation claims and payment, ensuring the needs of our clients are met to the best of our ability.

Our legal counselors are available to travel to your house or hospital to discuss your legal choices and address any queries you may have during the negotiating process, while you are peacefully sleeping and concentrating on your health recovery. Please contact our Los Angeles hit-and-run accident lawyers immediately if you experience catastrophic injuries or other adverse effects resulting from an accident.

How Can I Get Paid for My Injuries If a Hit-and-Run Driver Caused My Accident?

It is critical to contact the police and file a complaint following any form of a car collision, even if the other driver has fled the area. You will be taking the necessary measures to obtain compensation for your injuries and any other losses experienced as a result of doing so. By submitting a police complaint, an official record of when the accident occurred, what caused it, and that the guilty driver fled the scene, resulting in a hit-and-run.

Is There a Time Limit for Making a Hit-and-Run Injury Claim?

The statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit after a hit-and-run collision in California is six years, as per Assembly Bill 184. This means that the prosecutor must file the charge within six years of the incident to bring legal action against the individual or people who caused the accident that resulted in your injuries. However, please get in touch with a California hit-and-run accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker right away to learn more about the statute of limitations for these kinds of incidents. It is crucial to a case to file a claim as soon as possible following an accident to preserve evidence and avoid any mistakes that can cost you.

Penalties Under Law

If someone is convicted of a felony hit and run in which someone is injured, they can face up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine. If the accident resulted in permanent significant damage or death, the defendant might face up to four years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

The court may weigh the interests of justice and the defendant’s ability to pay the fine while considering whether the minimum statutory punishment is reasonable according to the statute. Defendants can be fined up to $1,000 and sentenced to 90 days in county prison.

The punishment for this crime may vary depending on the circumstances of the accident and the defendant’s criminal record.

Other Consequences

Aside from prison or fines, there are several implications to a felony conviction. A hit-and-run conviction adds two points to your license. Your license will be suspended for at least six months if you get four points in a year. If you already have a poor driving record, your license may be suspended as part of the penalty for the hit and run.

In addition to losing your license, your auto insurance premiums will almost certainly rise. You might face increased premiums even if the accident was not your fault.

If you caused the accident and other individuals were injured, or their property was damaged, you could face a civil lawsuit. If your insurance does not cover the injuries or property damage, the victims may sue you directly for compensation. The same holds if your activities result in a fatality. The deceased’s relatives may file a wrongful death suit against you.

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In Southern California, there are a lot of cars, which makes hit-and-run occurrences more common. Drivers who are preoccupied and not paying attention to the road or their surroundings are the main contributors to hit-and-run accidents.

Even though accidents frequently happen, attempting to flee the scene of one is a serious crime that will serve as proof of negligence in a civil case seeking damages from the responsible party. Our personal injury lawyers ensure that the irresponsible party pays you the most possible for all associated medical bills, expenses, and lost wages.

The firm hires private detectives to gather evidence and information against the negligent party that will be presented in your case. Background checks and inquiries may reveal the accountable party’s unsafe or careless driving history.

We hire specialists to recreate the accident site and offer video evidence of what happened to support your point of view in the lawsuit. Witness and professional testimony is utilized to establish the timeline of events and attest to the severity of the victim’s injuries.

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