ATV – Quad Accident Lawyers

ATV – Quad Accident Lawyers

ATV - Quad Accident LawyersThe repercussions of being hurt in an accident involving an off-road recreational vehicle, like an ATV or jeep, can be disastrous. Although engineers frequently add other design features to improve safety for a vehicle used in rocky, hilly, and wet terrain, these vehicles offer less protection to occupants than cars. When these protections fail to work in your favor, you may have grounds for a claim against the manufacturer or another driver.

Choose a personal injury law firm with decades of experience in auto defect cases if you believe a vehicle fault or design flaw was to blame for your injuries or the death of a loved one in an ATV accident. Our California ATV accident lawyers have an impressive track record.

5 Things That Should Be Done Following An ATV Accident

ATVs are quick and enjoyable to drive but can also be unstable and dangerous. A driver error, a defective product, or poor vehicle design can all lead to ATV accidents. No matter how or why these mishaps occur, they can result in serious or even deadly injuries. 

If you were involved in an ATV accident, you should: 

  • Medical Help Immediately: One might sustain several injuries in a four-wheeler crash, so get medical help immediately. Some may even experience paralysis. While you wait for the police to come, call an ambulance. Without first receiving permission from an official or medical expert, do not leave the scene of the occurrence. Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician for x-rays and exams even if it has been determined that you are physically okay, just in case you could have a hidden injury or condition.
  • Gather Information: Because each ATV accident is different, it’s crucial to gather evidence to support your claim. If any other drivers were involved in the crash, you should also collect their names, addresses, and driving license numbers at the scene.
  • Take Pictures: It’s essential to document the ATV crash and debris after it occurs. This will provide your California ATV accident lawyer with proof of what happened there. Take pictures of the four-wheeler and the involved vehicle. Don’t forget to snap photos of the area around the accident scene, including street markings, severe weather, and warning signs.
  • Report a Collision: Reporting an ATV and a car accident shares many similarities, but there are also some important distinctions to be aware of. Not all states mandate that you have four-wheeler insurance; California does not mandate that you have ATV insurance. But getting an ATV insurance policy is a good idea for owners if they need to pay for collision-related costs. As soon as possible after the accident, give your insurance company a call to start the claims process and to give your account of what happened.
  • Contact an ATV Accident Lawyer: Our ATV wreck lawyer are here for you if you or your child has suffered catastrophic injuries in a four-wheeler collision. We know it can cause a severe financial toll on you and your loved ones. Our lawyers have a 95% success rate, and we won’t charge you a dime unless we win your case. Call our offices to receive a free case evaluation.

Typical ATV- Quad Accidents

ATVs frequently roll over due to their design and the fact that they are commonly driven on rough or uneven terrain. Accident victims have sustained multiple injuries or died after being crushed or thrown from a four-wheeler. 

Some of the most frequent causes of ATV accidents, in addition to faulty vehicle parts or design, include:

  • Rollovers
  • High-speed collisions
  • Tire-Blowouts

What Are The Most Common ATV Accident Injuries?

ATV accidents can be equally as severe as those involving standard motor vehicles, even though ATVs are smaller than most cars. ATVs do not offer enough protection, increasing the risk of riders being knocked off or struck by another vehicle. An accident involving a quad might result in a variety of injuries.

ATV crash injuries that are common include:

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI: According to, there were more than 2.8 million visits to emergency rooms due to head traumas in just one year. Effects from traumatic brain injuries might occasionally manifest years or even decades after the initial incident. Many ATV riders do not wear helmets while operating the vehicle, making them more prone to severe brain injuries. Patients with brain injuries commonly display symptoms like headaches, nausea, convulsions, and clear fluids trickling from their ears.

Broken Bones: In an ATV accident, riders can easily be flung from the vehicle and onto the ground. Depending on the vehicle’s speed at the time, a rider may sustain more fractured bones than others. Crushed ribs or fractured spinal cords are just a couple bone fractures that might result from an ATV accident.

Internal Bleeding: It might manifest physically as bruises, chest pain or stomach pain, difficulty breathing, vomiting, or the appearance of blood in the mouth or rectum. If you feel fatigued or have trouble breathing, get medical attention immediately. You might have internal bleeding, have a seizure, or go into organ failure.

Do I Need Insurance For My ATV?

California is one of many states that do not require ATV users to carry all-terrain vehicle insurance. But just because something is optional doesn’t mean it isn’t strongly recommended. Insurance for ATVs operates similarly to auto insurance.

In the event of a collision, ATV insurance may cover your expenses and the expenses of your passengers. You may be able to get liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage for your four-wheeler from insurance companies.

Filing An ATV Accident Claim

Contact your insurance company to submit a claim once you’ve sought medical attention for your wounds. It’s crucial to just describe the facts throughout your conversation with an insurance representative and never assign blame for the collision.

Some insurance providers employ tactics to undervalue your claim or persuade you to accept blame for the collision. These strategies may include offering you a speedy settlement, misrepresenting your rights, or downplaying the significance of having legal counsel. 

Compensation That Can Be Expected

In addition to being painful, recovering from a four-wheeler accident can also be expensive. Seek legal assistance right away to protect your rights and to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they’ll let you know if you are entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Income
  • Loss of Mobility

The extent of the harm you or a loved one suffered due to the occurrence will determine the amount of compensation you receive.

Who Can Be Liable For An ATV Accident?

An accident involving an all-terrain vehicle may include multiple parties. The manufacturer of the ATV may be liable for the crash if a component is flawed. ATVs from many manufacturers, including Artic Cat, Baja, Yamaha, and Kawasaki, have been recalled due to vehicle defects. Manufacturers have a “duty of care” toward their customers. This implies that it is the duty of the product’s designer or producer to guarantee the safety of their goods for end users. Sometimes the vendor, not the manufacturer, is to blame for an ATV accident. For instance, a store that sold Yamaha four-wheelers improperly stored the ATVs, which caused them to have mechanical issues.

ATV users have also frequently sustained injuries when operating them at a resort. A resort may be held responsible for damages because they are responsible for maintaining the equipment and having proper safety procedures to protect the riders. Remember that ATV riders may be required to sign a waiver form by resorts to remove liability for accidents. Since foreign legal systems differ from those in the United States, holding resorts liable for an accident may be challenging.

California ATV Accident Lawyers You Can Trust

Our California ATV accident lawyers can ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings. It can be challenging to deal with insurance companies and manufacturers.

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