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Gender DiscriminationEverybody has the right to work in a secure atmosphere, but gender discrimination is sadly pervasive in our nation and the workplace. According to Pew Research Center, 42% of American working women have experienced gender discrimination at work, whether it be receiving less pay than a man doing the same job or being passed over for crucial responsibilities. If you believe you were the victim of gender discrimination, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker has offered California employees substantial legal support and can assist you in filing a claim. Our Southern California gender discrimination lawyers are sympathetic, skilled, and ready to defend your rights from employers or coworkers who have created a hostile work environment for you.

If you’re reading this, you undoubtedly want to know if you require the services of a gender discrimination lawyer. If you’re unsure, you most likely are.

Women can perform with equal competence and success in almost any effort pursued by males, including work, athletics, academics, and politics, as is obvious in today’s culture. Nevertheless, despite this progress, sexism has a long history in the United States, and its aftereffects continue to limit possibilities for women in the workplace and keep their earnings lower.

Sex/Gender Discrimination: Definition

Any workplace behavior, activity, or policy that prevents you from succeeding in your chosen field because someone or your workplace discriminates against you based on your sex/gender is considered sex/gender discrimination. Repeated behaviors that make a workplace unfriendly and make you feel unwelcome or dangerous due to your gender also count. If you reported gender discrimination to a superior and nothing was done, it is unquestionably illegal.

Sex/Gender discrimination affects both men and women, but women are significantly more likely to become victims.

Gender discrimination can be based on your chosen gender identity or expression or the gender given to you at birth. Discrimination against someone based on their gender identity or expression is currently prohibited by California law. In other words, gender discrimination can affect both men and women who identify as either men or women.

Contrary to popular belief, transgendered (trans) people are more likely to experience prejudice than those who identify as the sex to which they were born. For instance, a trans woman may experience gender discrimination if the job is hostile to women. If the workplace is hostile to trans people, she can also suffer. We encourage you to speak with one of our gender discrimination lawyers if you have encountered this kind of prejudice on account of gender.

Examples Of Sex/Gender Discrimination

  • Sexual harassment of any kind.
  • Offensive remarks, actions, and jokes about your gender (including comics, images, and memes).
  • Posts on social media that are biased.
  • Any other discrimination based on gender.
  • Promoting or maintaining a workplace that is unfriendly to a particular gender.
  • Forcing transgender or persons of a particular gender to leave their occupations.
  • Arbitrary dismissal or demotion of transgender or people of a particular gender.
  • Assigning various duties or types of tasks to multiple genders.
  • Ignoring or giving more weight to comments made by one gender than the other.
  • Excluding transgender people or people of one gender from events or gatherings.
  • A gender-based system for promotion and advancement.
  • Denying a trans employee access to a restroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

What Are My Rights?

The California Fair Pay Act and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act are the two primary statutes that guard employees in California against gender discrimination (FEHA).

FEHA specifically defines unlawful gender discrimination as:

  • Refusal to train someone because of their gender or sex.
  • Refusal to hire someone of or representing a certain gender.
  • Termination of an employee because of their gender.

Sex and gender discrimination are to blame for 11% of all employment complaints in California, according to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing. It’s crucial to understand that although gender and sex are two distinct concepts that are sometimes used synonymously in federal and state statutes, both forms of discrimination are illegal in California.

Proving My Sex/Gender Discrimination Case

Cases of gender discrimination might be challenging to prove. You must not only show that discrimination took place but also that it was motivated by gender. However, we have much experience winning in court when we present these situations.

As we put together your case, we’ll ask to see various things. We might need to go through the discovery procedure and exchange evidence between the lawyers for the opposing parties. You will be required to provide:

  • Your Personnel File, so we can check it to see if there have ever been any warnings or disciplinary proceedings taken against you.
  • Review your performance to check for any disciplinary or retaliatory action taken by the firm due to your reporting prejudice.
  • Check your company’s anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies in your employee handbook to see if they have been followed.
  • A diary of your experiences detailing significant incidents along with dates and names of prospective witnesses.
  • Pay Stubs that capture any money or time lost as a result of prejudice.
  • Evidence of Discrimination includes letters, emails, social media posts, and other materials.
  • Any mental or medical health records that demonstrate you had to seek medical attention as a result of the discrimination.
  • A Witness List with the names of witnesses who saw the prejudice against you or may have seen it.

How Can The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Help Me?

You have the right to file a lawsuit in addition to speaking out against gender discrimination at work by informing HR or your manager of the behavior or by registering a grievance if you belong to a union. You can contact our legal experts to learn more about your legal alternatives. With years of expertise advocating for workers, we at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker can help you obtain financial compensation for lost earnings and emotional suffering. Taking legal action can also force your employer to modify its procedures so that future workers can work safely.

We are prepared to gather evidence, submit your claim, and defend you against your employer, so you won’t have to worry about facing negative consequences for making a report.

Remember, gender discrimination is illegal, and it needs to be stopped. Let us fight for you. Dial 866-536-5788 today for a free case evaluation.

Why Choose The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker?

Fighting for the justice that victims of workplace discrimination deserve is a serious matter, and we don’t mess around—we succeed.

  • We’ve won HUNDREDS of millions of dollars for our clients.
  • You don’t pay any legal fees unless we win your case.

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