Disability Discrimination

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Disability Discrimination Disability discrimination is when someone is mistreated or harassed due to their actual or perceived disability or because they are associated with someone who is disabled. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes this illegal. California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) has a set of laws specifically protecting employees with disabilities and/or perceived disabilities.

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What Is Disability Harassment or Discrimination?

Disability discrimination occurs when a person is subjected to unequal treatment or disadvantage due to their disability or another related factor. Examples of harassment or discrimination against people with disabilities  can include:

  • Treating a disabled employee differently than a non-disabled employee.
  • Disability related jokes and comments.
  • Asking potential hires about their current or past medical issues.
  • Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations for workers with physical or mental disabilities.
  • Terminating, demoting, refusing to promote can also be examples of discrimination if those decisions were based on the employees disability.

Who/What Is Protected By FEHA and/or the ADA?

A person is protected as having a disability if they:

  • Have an illness or condition that makes it difficult to engage in at least one major life activity.
  • Has evidence of or another way to demonstrate this impairment.
  • Is regarded as having a disability or other limitation by others. 

Employees are protected by anti-discrimination statutes like the ADA if they are:

  • The Employee
  • A Prospective Employee
  • A Prior Employee
  • A Potential Trainee or Participant in a Training Course

California Workplace Discrimination Based on Disability

Discrimination can take many forms and affect anyone at any time. Some of the most prevalent forms of disability discrimination that our Los Angeles disability lawyers have assisted in combating include but not limited to:

  • Being treated differently because of disability.
  • Being retaliated against for requesting reasonable accommodations or medical leave.
  • Being denied the ability to go to the doctor or treatment.
  • Being terminated because of the disability.

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What Should You Do If You Are Discriminated Against Because of Your Disability?

If you suspect you are being unfairly discriminated against because of your disability, it is critical to begin documenting any incidents of discrimination, make sure you are keeping the employer informed of medical leaves, appointments, and requests for accommodations.

Employees who are subjected to unfavorable acts should exhaust all internal or interaction methods to resolve any reasonable accommodation or disability discrimination issues, including discussing accommodations they believe they should receive from their employer. Take meticulous notes since this direct proof can be critical in any subsequent discrimination allegations brought in court. Contact us immediately by calling 866-536-5788 if you have been the victim of employment retribution because of your disability.

The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is ready to assist you if you have experienced illegal disability discrimination. Our expert lawyers are committed to ensuring that victims of disability discrimination receive the justice they deserve.

A Disability Harassment Lawyer From The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker Can Help

Every person is entitled to a fair chance and good working circumstances. If you have been discriminated against due to a physical or mental impairment, please call our disability discrimination lawyers immediately. For those with disabilities who have been harassed or otherwise abused, there are several resources and disability rights guides available.

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