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Passengers in Car vs Truck Accidents Can Be Decapitated
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Passengers in Car vs Truck Accidents Can Be Decapitated

New crash tests show that even when a semi truck has a rear-guard that meets U.S. safety rules designed to prevent serious injuries, a car that rear-ends that truck is still at an incredible risk for serious injuries, including decapitation.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted six crash tests. Test dummies were decapitated in three of those tests. The original intent of the new study was to determine why fatalities in car vs. truck accidents were not declining as fast as would be expected with all of the safety improvements made to vehicles since thotes that e 1970s. Trucks using the Canadian safety standards fared better than trucks using the American safety standard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that rear-guards simply aren't working well enough and is reviewing regulations.

To see the full news story on these tests, click here.

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