One of the Biggest Causes of Distracted Driving is Rarely Discussed: Children

When analyzing why distracted driving accidents have increased so significantly in recent years, the majority of people focus on mobile phone and electronic device usage. A recent study reveals that having kids in the car is actually riskier than using a cellphone. For more information on the facts, continue reading, and if you require a free legal consultation following an automobile accident, call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000.

Needs of children cannot always be disregarded

No parent would willingly or intentionally put their child in danger, yet it does happen frequently when a parent attends to their child in the back seat while driving. It is simple to urge a parent to put off talking to their kids, but there are times when their needs are crucial and cannot be disregarded.

The specifics of a study that the national highway transportation safety association completed

In a poll conducted by the NHTSA, 36% of parents admitted that their kids in the backseat of their cars frequently cause them to become distracted. 13 percent of respondents admitted to occasionally interacting with their kids while driving. The majority of parents claim they never talk to their kids while driving.

In addition, the poll revealed that 74% of parents said they never read messages or emails, 79% said the same about sending them, 80% said they never groomed while driving, and more than 96% said they never read a book while driving.

If the results of this study are accurate, it appears that most drivers make an effort to avoid distracting situations but may ignore less visible ones, such as their children in the car while they are driving. This error has the potential to be fatal, so it is more than just a mistake.

Even stranger findings from an Australian study

An Australian university conducted its own research, and the results were not encouraging: they discovered that having children in the car was 12 times more distracting than using a phone. The study examined how frequently parents looked away from the road. They discovered that on average, during a 16-minute ride, kids in cars did not keep their eyes on the road for roughly 3 1/2 minutes.

According to the study, more than 75% of parents’ distractions from the road were caused by watching their child in the rearview mirror. 7 percent of the time they were assisting the youngster, 1 percent was the result of the parent playing with their child, and about 16 percent of the time they were taking their eyes off the road to engage in conversation.

It is never a good idea to look away from the road, not even for a few moments. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free case review if you are involved in an accident and need to speak with a personal injury lawyer to see whether you have a case.