New Standards for Bike Helmet Testing Could Save Lives

Although not all bicycle helmets offer enough protection against concussions, finding one that does is now simpler than ever. The Virginia Tech Helmet Lab has given 5-star ratings to 73 bike helmets, or more than half of those evaluated. It’s a significant improvement since the bike helmet ratings were introduced in 2018. Only four of the 30 helmets evaluated at the time received a perfect score.

Keep reading to learn more about the bike helmet testing program and why the best helmets are so much better at protecting people who are involved in a bike accident. Remember that you can contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation if you have suffered an injury in this or another type of accident.

More about the testing

The bike helmet ratings are the result of a collaboration between Virginia Tech and the IIHS. The Virginia Tech lab was already evaluating helmets for other sports, such as football and hockey, at the time.

The ratings address a critical gap in the testing mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States (CPSC). Bike helmets must pass such tests by preventing head impact accelerations of more than 300 g, which is connected with skull fracture or serious brain damage. Helmets are not required to reduce concussion-level forces, which are more likely in incidents involving bikers. Furthermore, the CPSC tests do not analyze all aspects of the helmet or simulate real-world crashes.

Nearly 140 helmets were tested

In total, 139 bike helmets have been evaluated at Virginia Tech. A total of 37 helmets received 4 stars, in addition to the 73 that receive 5 stars. A total of 24 helmets received three stars, while five have two stars. Consumers should choose for a 4- or 5-star helmet while also considering price, fit, and comfort, however any helmet is preferable to none.

Retailers and customers are taking notice as well

Consumers occasionally come in seeking for certain helmet models based on the ratings, according to Chang Park, general manager of Spokes Etc., a small chain of bike stores in Northern Virginia. Models with five stars are also promoted by the store’s salesmen. Only adult bicycle helmets have been rated by the helmet lab thus far. The lab plans to focus on children’s helmets in the future years.

We can help victims of bike accidents

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