Motorcycle Tire Blowouts: Who Is Liable?

Learn who might be liable for different kinds of motorcycle tire blowout accidents

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to result in serious, even life-altering injuries. This is especially true when an accident is caused by a tire blowout. At any speed, a tire blowout can cause a motorcyclist to lose control of their bike and crash. They might then suffer injuries when colliding with another vehicle or when hitting the ground and sliding to a stop. In some cases, the rider can actually get trapped under the motorcycle, causing crushing injuries that can result in damage to internal organs and even amputation of limbs.

If you’ve been injured as a result of a motorcycle tire blowout, you might be left wondering who—if anyone—is liable for your accident and your injuries. This of course depends on the circumstances of your accident, and, specifically, why the tire failed. Here are three possible parties that are sometimes liable for motorcycle tire blowout accidents.

The Tire Manufacturer

Defective tires can be very dangerous, no matter what kind of vehicle you are driving. You may recall that several years ago, Goodyear had to issue a massive tire recall due to a defect that caused the tread to separate from the tire during driving. Similar defects can happen with motorcycle tires as well. If a tire fails due to a defect in design or manufacturing, the manufacturer will be liable for any injuries that may result.

The Mechanic

For optimal safety, motorcycles need to be equipped with the correct type of tires, and these tires must be inflated to the correct pressure. Over-inflating a tire can cause excess pressure to develop as the tire heats up on the road. Eventually, this could cause a blowout. Using a tire that is not rated for the speed or weight of your motorcycle can also cause blowouts. If a mechanic’s error caused you to have the wrong tires or over-inflated tires, and you have an accident as a result, it may be possible to hold the mechanic responsible for your injuries and suffering.

The Government

Cities, counties, and other government entities are responsible for keeping roadways in reasonably safe condition. If they fail to do so, and you hit a hazard that causes your motorcycle tire to pop, it may be possible to file a motorcycle accident injury claim against them. However, negligent road maintenance is one of the more difficult causes of motorcycle tire blowout accidents to prove.

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