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Medical Device Industry Fighting Potential Regulation
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Medical Device Industry Fighting Potential Regulation

It has been reported that a highly-respected scientific group, the Institute of Medicine, will be releasing a report that proposes a much more difficult approval process for medical devices, including many types of medical devices that have been the subject of recent recalls. Predictably, the medical device manufacturers are not happy with the report, and have launched attempts to discredit the report before it has even been released.

The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker has previously helped (and is currently helping) many clients who have been surgically fitted with poorly-designed medical devices. When these medical devices do not perform as advertised, they can require additional surgeries to repair the damage. Pain, swelling, disfigurement, or even metals entering the bloodstream have all been reported from recalled medical devices.

The controversy over this forthcoming report will be something The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker will be monitoring. We strongly support anything that makes painful revision surgeries less necessary, and the list of medical devices encountering problems keeps growing. Hip implants, cochlear implants, shoulder pumps, defibrillators, knee implants, hernia repairs...all have been the subject to high rates of product failure. Something isn't working properly right now.

Read the original news article here.

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