Lower Your Risk of Being Injured in a Car Accident by Stopping Fully at Every Stop Sign

Most drivers have failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or a red light at some point. A rolling stop is a form of stop that may be extremely dangerous, especially for pedestrians who rely on cars to properly stop at crossings.

In both California and Arizona, it is unlawful to drive through a junction. At red lights and stop signs, vehicles in Arizona and California are required to come to a complete stop. This is valid even if cars are stopping at a red light to make a right turn; they must come to a complete stop before turning. In junctions, both the Arizona and California Vehicle Codes require all cars to give pedestrians the right of way before turning.

The Danger of the Rolling Stop

Pedestrians are put at danger when cars fail to come to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights because they expect drivers to do what they are legally obligated to do. Pedestrians may be struck by cars that recklessly roll through the junction, making a right turn without coming to a complete stop, or just running a red light or rolling through a stop sign. To make matters worse, many drivers and pedestrians are distracted by gadgets like cellphones and other devices, and may not realize the risk until it is too late. As a result of the rolling pauses, there may be an increase in pedestrian accidents and possibly fatalities.

Residents in areas like California and Arizona, where the weather is pleasant all year, enjoy outdoor activities such as strolling, jogging, skating, and riding bicycles. Although many towns and cities have designated bike and pedestrian routes, joggers, runners, and other inhabitants still receive their daily exercise on sidewalks and roadways.

That makes it even more critical for vehicles to follow the laws of the road when it comes to coming to a complete stop at all red lights and stop signs, as well as proceeding cautiously through all junctions. Pedestrians may help by paying attention to their surroundings and avoiding distractions such as using their phones. We can minimize the amount of pedestrian accidents if we work together.

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