Learn Why Semi-Truck Accidents So Often Involve the Big Rig Rolling Over

At any moment, there are tens of thousands of semi-trucks on the roads – and thousands of them are driving through California right now. While the drivers of these trucks must undergo additional training and testing to operate these large vehicles, the truth is that when they are involved in big rig accidents, the results can be deadly.

This is due in part to the fact that these trucks are so large – and it is also because big rig accidents so often involve rollovers. Keep reading to find out why rollovers are so common with this type of accident and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

The Main Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

The main reason that semi-trucks are so much more likely to rollover than a car is because they have a higher center of gravity. Simply turning too fast can cause the truck to be unbalanced, to sway side to side, and to eventually rollover.

Aside from the truck driver’s unsafe driving, these accidents are also commonly caused by improperly secured cargo on the truck. If the load in the truck moves while the truck is moving, that motion can cause the swaying described above, which can, in turn, shift the weight enough to result in a rollover accident.

More Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

While most rollover accidents that cause serious injury are caused by one of the issues listed above, they are not the only potential causes. Others include aggressive driving, incorrect loading, faulty brakes, speeding, driving while distracted, or low tire pressure.

The Most Common Rollover Injuries in Big Rig Accidents

A person who is involved in a rollover accident can suffer many types of injuries. They may be burned when the truck rolls over and fires occur. Burns can take months or years to recover from and recovery often involves many surgeries. Spinal cord injuries are common, too, because the spinal cord is so fragile and so vulnerable.

People involved in accidents with large vehicles often suffer traumatic brain injury, which can be life-changing and even deadly. Broken bones are common injuries as well. It is rare that a person is involved in a crash with a large truck and can walk away without a severe injury.

Types of Compensation You May Be Eligible for After a Big Rig Accident

If you were involved in an accident that was caused by someone else acting negligently or recklessly, then they may be held financially responsible. You could recover compensation for a variety of damages, including pain and suffering, lost wages, past and future medical costs, and rehab costs. If you believe you have a case then now is the time to contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.