Learn What Your Options Are if You Are Being Harassed in Your Place of Work and Management is Not Doing Anything About It

It is regrettable that workers even need to be concerned about sexual harassment. When an organization’s HR department doesn’t seem to be taking complaints seriously, it is even worse. Because different businesses have varying codes of behavior, it can be difficult for sexual harassment victims to come forward.

According to an Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) survey, more than 90% of harassed victims fail to report the incident. Seventy-five percent of victims reported experiencing retribution after reporting their harassment, according to an EEOC survey from 2003. There are further measures you can take to handle sexual harassment at work if you have followed the protocol provided by your employer and don’t believe that you have received support.

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Record individuals’ actions

You can generate a paper trail to support your allegations by journaling the harassment you experience and sending email complaints. The documentation will be more useful if you include additional details in your journal and emails.

Know the law and your company’s policies

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is broken by sexual harassment, which is a type of sexual discrimination. As a result, practically all businesses have anti-harassment policies. Frequently, it is the policy’s enforcement—not the policy itself—that causes problems. Even if your employer isn’t abiding by its own policy, you are still protected from discrimination by the law.

Get support from outside your employer

If the human resources department at your employer decides against taking action, they will probably provide you written notice of their decision. Take this information and your proof of the harassment to a sexual harassment lawyer for assistance in taking further action. This can entail arguing against the HR department’s conclusions in front of your employer or filing a complaint with the EEOC.

Last resort: look for a new job

Sexual harassment at work is something that no one should have to put up with. You might think about changing jobs if you have the option to do so in order to avoid the harassment.

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