Learn What a Deposition is and Why You May Have to Give One

We know how confusing and overwhelming the legal process can be. If you have been injured and are trying to wade through these complications, we hope that you will contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation. We do not charge you a penny until we win your case and we can help simplify the process. Today we will explain depositions and all they entail.

What is a deposition?

Put simply, a deposition is a type of discovery. It involves a group or a single attorney on one side asking questions to the witnesses on the other side. It is a change for the defense to get information from the plaintiff and vice versa.

What should I expect at a deposition

If you are deposed, then the other side’s attorney is going to ask you questions and you must answer them. You will be under oath and there will be a court reporter present, who will be taking notes. Generally, you can expect it to be recorded on video as well. The difference between a trial is that there will not be a judge or jury there. It is just the witnesses, and attorneys, a court reporter.

Your attorney should be present at your deposition

You want your attorney present when you are called to a deposition. Your attorney can object to questions you are asked and can work to control the way the process moves forward. That said, you will almost always be required to answer the questions that are asked – even if they seem very personal or invasive. Always remember that you are under oath and that the court reporter is making a record of everything you say.

A step by step guide to what you will likely be asked in a deposition

Every deposition is different but when they are for personal injury claims, there is generally a pattern. First the lawyer will ask you for info like whether or not you are married, have children, where you work, etc. Then the attorney is likely to ask you questions about the accident itself and how it happened. Finally, they will likely finish by asking about your injuries and your medical care.

How to prepare for a deposition

First, meet with your attorney so that you can find out what issues to be ready for. When you are in the deposition, only ask the specific question they asked you. Do not volunteer information. Do not ramble. If you do not know the answer then say that – do not guess. If you don’t understand what you are being asked, ask for it to be rephrased.

You do not want to go into a deposition without first talking to an attorney. If you are ready to find out what your options are then we encourage you to contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 today. We are here to help prepare you for your personal injury case.

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