Learn the Five Reasons You Should Contact a Personal Injury Attorney After Your Car AccidentIf you or a loved one was hurt in an auto accident, the driver or other party accountable for the accident may be obligated to pay you a sizable settlement. A vehicle accident injury claim or lawsuit will need to be filed in this situation. In either case, you do not want to go through this process by yourself. Here are five reasons why you should seek assistance from a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer, like The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. You can contact us at 800-333-0000 for a consultation.

  1. Your window to file a lawsuit is finite
  2. The amount of time you have after an auto accident to file a lawsuit in court is generally governed by something called a statute of limitations. That window of time in California is two years in most cases. In certain accidents, such as those that involve the government, you could only have six months.

  3. There are intricate regulations that must be observed
  4. There are a few guidelines that must be followed exactly while bringing a lawsuit in court. This covers anything from font size and citation style to admissible types of evidence in court. A knowledgeable attorney should be recruited to ensure that all the documentation is filed on time and is accurate in order to prevent errors with this crucial paperwork.

  5. You must ensure that all potential damages are considered
  6. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an auto accident, you may be eligible for a variety of damages. This includes, among other things, future income loss, medical expenses, lost pay, pain and suffering, and mental distress. To ensure that you or a loved one is requesting all the financial damages to which you are entitled, it is crucial to engage an attorney.

  7. Insurance providers could have different goals
  8. Instead of paying out claims, insurance firms make money by collecting premiums. As a result, certain insurance companies can attempt to settle your claim for substantially less than you are entitled to. It’s critical to have an auto accident attorney fighting for your rights.

  9. It might be very difficult to prove your case
  10. There are still potential hazards during the case even if you have witnesses and a police report proving that the other vehicle was at fault. You might be constrained, for instance, in the witnesses you call and the questions you can ask them in court.

You can also be constrained by the types of evidence that can be used in court. To persuade a judge or jury to side with you, you may need to conduct a significant amount of legal study in various situations. A competent attorney is aware of the possible hazards and understands how to present your case in court.

In conclusion, if you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, it is always preferable to engage a skilled automobile accident injury attorney. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker can ensure that you receive all the financial damages to which you may be entitled. We will fight for your rights so you can focus on getting better – call us at 800-333-0000 to get started.