Learn the Best Ways to Respond to Aggressive Drivers or Speeding Drivers

If you are driving down the street and come across an aggressive driver, or a driver who is going much faster than the speed limit, what do you do? Should you follow them? Honk at them? Should you ignore them or let them know that you see their bad behavior? If your goal is to reduce the chances that you will fall victim to a car accident, we recommend following these tips.

Do Not Engage with the Driver

The easiest and best thing you can do to prevent a car accident that could result in serious injuries is to not engage with an angry driver. They cannot start a fight unless you decide to join. Do not become angry. If you allow yourself to get angry, you will face a higher chance of acting impulsively and taking actions you will later forget.

Stay Away from Them

You can greatly increase your chances of getting away without a problem if you do just that – get away. Leave a lot of room between you and them. If they try to engage you, simply slow down. If possible, get off the road and let the vehicle go on. However, if you pull over the other driver attempts to exit their vehicle, do not stop. They are angry and could take matters into their own hands.

Call the Police

If you cannot stay away from them, call the police. Drive somewhere where there are many people around, such as a mall or convenience store. Use your horn to get the attention of others around you. Most aggressors do not want to get caught and they may stop if they see there are many witnesses. Under no circumstances should you go home, as this will simply give the dangerous driver knowledge of where you live.

Change Your Own Attitude

Much of the impact of an aggressive or speeding driver will depend on how you react. Do not let it get into your head. Do not respond in kind. Remember that you are not trying to “win” anything – you are simply trying to get to your destination safely. It is not a contest. Give yourself more time for trips so that you do not end up angry yourself, and take a few deep breaths if you do find yourself getting upset.

Angry Drivers Cause Accidents Every Day

The sad truth is that people lose their lives due to angry drivers. Do not become one of those lost lives. If you have been injured in an accident caused by this type of driver, please contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to discover your legal options.