Learn How You Can Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud Involving a Staged Car Accident

You might have never considered that someone would fake a car accident but in fact it is more common than most people think. These cases involve a person who wants to get compensation from an insurance company and therefore stages a car accident. If you are the victim of one of these staged accidents, you could find it harder than it should be to get the compensation you deserve.

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This is What Staged Crashes Often Look Like

In most cases, a staged accident starts with the fraudulent person making a move that causes you to have an accident. For example, cutting you off and then stopping suddenly so that you could not help but hit them from behind. There might even be someone else in another vehicle who boxes your vehicle in so that you cannot avoid hitting the car in front of you. There could be an accomplice on the sidewalk to work as a witness.

This is How People Try to Make Money from Staged Accidents

There are a variety of ways a person might try to make money from this type of staged accident. They might exaggerate and say they have serious injuries when in fact their injuries are minor. They might file a claim for a passenger that was not in the vehicle at all, or have an accomplice drive up in a tow truck to charge you a huge fee to tow your vehicle. Finally, they might refer you to an accomplice who is working as a doctor, attorney, or mechanic who then steals from you.

This is How You Can Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud in This Type of Accident

Unfortunately, you might not be able to avoid becoming the victim of this type of accident. However, you can avoid becoming the victim of the fraud that comes afterward. First, make sure that you document the scene of the accident with photos, videos, and any other way you can.

Second, get IDs and insurance information from all involved parties. If there are witnesses, get their information. Look for others – they will not always approach you. If a tow truck arrives before you have even called for help, be wary of it. Get a clear agreement of cost before letting them take your car. Always call the police to get a report.

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