Learn How to Take Pictures for Evidence After Your Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident in which someone else was at fault, one of the most important parts of proving your case will be photographic evidence. While there is plenty of advice out there that victims should take photos of the car accident scene, there is less advice on what those pictures should include or how they should be taken.

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Take Photos as Soon as You Can

One of the most important things about taking photos after a car accident is doing so as soon as possible after the accident. If it is safe to do so, you should do this before you leave the scene of the accident. If you cannot do so safely, ask someone else at the scene. If that is also not an option, then you should return to the scene (or ask someone else to do so) as soon as possible after the accident.

Make Sure the Timestamp Feature is On

Whether you take photos with your phone or another type of camera, you need to ensure that the timestamp feature is on. While your smartphone should automatically save the date, time, and location of all pictures taken, you should double-check that this feature is on. With a digital camera, you will need to turn on this feature so it will include the date and time printed directly onto the digital file. This can help prevent the opposing counsel from claiming the pictures were taken at a different time.

Identify What is Most Relevant

As you consider what to take pictures of, make sure you are thinking specifically about what would be most relevant. We recommend taking as many photos as possible and getting photos from several angles. Take pictures of anything that shows why the area might be dangerous, such as a pothole, a traffic sign that is hidden, or a broken walk light.

Take Advantage of Multiple Angles

At this point, you will be unsure what will be needed to prove your personal injury case. For this reason, we recommend taking photos from different angles and viewpoints. Get some photos close up, and get some from far away. Take a photo of the overall damage, and then the damage close up. You want to have every possible angle and inch photographed.

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