Learn How to Avoid Potential Bias When Involved in a Motorcycle Accident in California

The truth is that both drivers and police can be biased against motorcycles when motorcycle accidents occur. This is an unfortunate fact, but the good news is that there are things you can do to reduce that bias or avoid it entirely. Read on for the facts and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you require a free legal consultation.

What Biases Do People Believe About Motorcycle Drivers?

Many people who have biases against motorcycle drivers have no idea that they even have them. However, studies have shown that police, and other drivers often think that motorcyclists are driving faster than they really are and that they take more risks, even when the motorcyclist is actually following the law.

Bias Can Have Several Negative Effects

There are a few different ways that this bias can affect the outcome of a motorcycle accident. First, police, insurance adjusters, and even juries might assume that the motorcyclist is guilty because they believe motorcycle riders are more dangerous drivers. Second, a person injured in a motorcycle accident might get a lower settlement offer from an insurance adjuster because that adjuster will assume that the case is weaker for the motorcycle driver.

Finally, the injured party might end up with a smaller damage award from a jury that believes that car accidents involving motorcycles are more likely the fault of the motorcycle. The jury might also not award the rider the full extent of their damages due to the jury’s belief that the rider would not have been injured as badly if they had been in a car.

How to Fight Bias After a Motorcycle Accident

First and foremost, be kind and stay calm. Wear your helmet so that you will be demonstrating that you are a biker who keeps safety in mind. Take photos of the scene, including the condition of the vehicle you were involved in an accident with and your own vehicle. This helps you to prove that you were not at fault, even if other parties are biased.

Likewise, getting contact information from witnesses who can testify that you were acting legally and safely can be important. Write a journal after the accident in which you keep information about your injuries and how they have affected your life. The more details you can give to a potential jury or judge, the more likely they will be to believe your case.

Work with an Attorney

The most important thing you can do to fight against bias is to work with an attorney who knows how to fight it. When you contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we are happy to start with a free legal consultation. We will go over all your options, talk about the accident, and give you our best legal advice. Call us now at 800-333-0000 to get started.