Learn How Damages for Pain and Suffering Can Help You Heal After a Car AccidentFollowing an automobile accident, you may suffer a variety of damages or losses. Car damage, medical expenditures, and missed pay are all quite easy to identify and quantify – simply tally up the bills or receipts. Other damages, on the other hand, can be far more difficult to quantify – and even more difficult to prove their monetary value.

Pain and suffering is one example of this form of harm. Non-economic damages include things like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, sadness, and physical discomfort caused by traumas. To establish that these losses exist — and that you deserve to be adequately compensated for them — you’ll need the counsel of a qualified and experienced automobile accident attorney.

How do you calculate pain and suffering?

Calculating the value of a person’s pain and suffering is a difficult task. These types of losses can account for as much as half of a personal injury settlement, although calculating an exact sum can be difficult. In California, there are two basic methods for calculating pain and suffering damages in personal injury cases: per diem and value for pain relief.

Per diem claims

The judge is given a number figure to depict a person’s mental and bodily distress on a daily basis in per diem claims. It is intended to encompass not just what the person has gone through in the past, but also what he or she is going through now and in the future.

It can include estimations for permanent disabilities including scars, deformity, severe brain injuries, and paralysis, which all tend to result in substantially bigger pain and suffering awards because a person would suffer from these disabilities for the rest of their lives.

Pain relief claims

Pain relief values describe how much an average person should be compensated to be rid of the pain and suffering they are experiencing. This takes into account both what the victim has previously experienced and what they will experience in the future.

The role of your personal injury attorney

A qualified vehicle accident attorney can put together proof to back up these claims for damages when it comes to demonstrating these statistics. Expert witnesses, such as medical specialists, can testify about a person’s diagnoses and what they’ve seen in terms of pain and suffering in that person. The amount of pain medicine taken by a person can be used to establish that he or she is in physical pain, and additional medications for mental health disorders can be used to show that the victim is also in emotional anguish.

Friends and family members can testify about how they observed the person and how they saw their loved one suffer as a result of an accident. A seasoned car accident attorney can offer a thorough claim for non-economic damages to convince a jury that an award for pain and suffering is justified using expert witnesses, medical records, witness testimony, and other evidence.

Some of the most challenging components of recuperating from a vehicle accident are trauma, mental health difficulties, and physical discomfort. Being financially compensated for these losses will not make your difficulties go away, but it will assist to relieve tension and allow you to focus on getting better.

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