Can Help You Recover Compensation for Dental Damage Caused by an Accident

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Because motorcyclists do not have much protection, motorcycle accidents frequently result in significant injuries. Motorcycle helmets are meant to protect the head but often fail to provide enough protection for the face and mouth. Serious dental damage might happen as a result of this.

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Dental Injuries: What They Are and How to Treat Them

If a biker falls from their vehicle and smacks their face or head against the ground, they may suffer from a range of oral problems. Many of these injuries are excruciatingly painful and will need extensive dental procedures to correct.

Chipped Teeth

Teeth can easily chip or break as a result of the impact of a motorbike accident. Chipping is most common in the top front teeth, especially if the rider has an overbite. Because there is too much space between the upper and lower front teeth in an overbite, the upper front teeth may shatter if a force pulls them backwards. While some little chips can be polished away, chipped or broken teeth are almost often fixed with composite material or covered with veneers.

Avulsed Teeth

Avulsed teeth are teeth that have been entirely knocked out. It is feasible to salvage avulsed teeth if the teeth can be found at the scene of the motorbike accident and the sufferer can see a dentist right away. The majority of the time, however, the teeth must be replaced with prosthesis such as a bridge or a dental implant. This can be very expensive and you will need the help of a motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles CA to maximize your compensation.

Teeth that have gotten dislodged can be bent to the side or partially forced out of the socket, but not totally avulsed. In the case of a motorbike accident, it is also conceivable for a tooth to be forced too far into the socket. The victim’s ability to bite, eat, and talk may be harmed if displaced teeth are not restored by a dentist. It’s also conceivable that if the teeth aren’t treated, they will die and fall out.

Root Fractures

The force of a motorbike collision can harm the section of the tooth behind the gums, known as the root. If the root becomes cracked, it may provide a pathway for infection, and if dental care is not received soon, the tooth may be lost.

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You may be eligible to compensation if you were involved in a motorbike accident that was not your fault. This compensation will cover any necessary dental treatment, as well as medical expenses and any losses resulting from the accident.

We may arrange for you to see a certified cosmetic dentist for a review of your oral damage and a cost estimate for the required treatment as your motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles CA. Then, depending on the circumstances, we can aggressively pursue the appropriate recompense in or out of court. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker immediately at 800-333-0000 to learn more.