Learn About the Most Common Damages You Can Sue for in a Personal Injury Case

It is generally know that when a person is injured due to another person’s negligence, they can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. Most people also know that they can sue for damages. However, it is less well known what “damages” encompasses. Keep reading to find out more about some of the most common damages that are sued for in these cases. If you believe you have cause for a case, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

You Can Sue for Actual Damages

Also known as economic damages, actual damages refer to the specific monetary damages you suffered. It is generally fairly simple to prove what these damages are as they have a specific monetary value associated with them. Examples include hospital bills, lost wages, and property damage. The type of economic damages will vary based on the type of accident you were involved in.

You Can Sue for Emotional Distress Damages

If the act that caused your injury also caused you emotional distress, then you can sue for those damages as well. For example, if you were injured in a car accident and after the accident you are afraid every time you are in a vehicle, or you have PTSD that comes up in other ways, then you may be able to sue for damages. This is often referred to as pain and suffering.

You Can Sue for Compensatory Damages

Put simply, compensatory damages are designed to help make the victim’s life whole again, as though the injury had not happened. One example would be a person who lost a leg in a car accident. The compensatory damages are designed to try and compensate for the lost limb to make the person feel whole again.

Punitive Damages May Be Available

These are rarer damages but they are sometimes relevant. If the person who caused your injury did so in a way that is beyond simply being negligent then the judge may find punitive damages to be appropriate. They are meant to punish the at-fault party for their extremely dangerous conduct.

Families of Victims Can Sue for Wrongful Death

In certain cases in which the victim did not survive the accident, the surviving family members may be able to sue for wrongful death. This would include damages such as loss of support and affection, the cost of the funeral, and the loss of income from the deceased. Note that only certain family members are eligible to sue for wrongful death.

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