Learn About the 4 Areas of a Commercial Truck You Should Never Drive Near

The number of commercial trucks on the roads has been increasing for the last decade. As a result, the number of commercial truck accidents has been increasing as well. In fact, more than 350,000 accidents occur with commercial trucks in an average year. These accidents are more likely than a typical car accident to cause serious injuries or death. While you cannot prevent all accidents, you can read on to learn about some of the ways you can drive more safely around commercial trucks.

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There Are 4 “No-Zones” Around Commercial Trucks

The easiest way to think about staying safe around commercial trucks is to consider that they have four “no-zones.” These are essentially blind spots that make it difficult for the driver to see you. If they cannot see your vehicle, then they may make fast moves to get into the lane you’re in or otherwise put you in danger.

Note that you cannot avoid these four zones entirely or you would have to pull off the road. However, you can avoid driving in them for longer than necessary. For example, if you need to pass a big rig, pass them. Do not do it slowly. Do not take your time. Get out of their blind spot as quickly as you can.

    1. The Front of a Big Rig

Remember that big rig trucks weigh an average of 80,000 pounds. As a result, they cannot slow down as quickly as your car can. As a result, never cut one off as they are not going to be able to stop. Yes, of course, you can drive in front of a big rig truck – but do not get in front of them and then slow down immediately.

    1. The Right Side of a Big Rig

The right side is the biggest blind spot for a commercial truck. If you are passing a truck on the right side, you should assume that the truck has no idea you are there. They make very wide right turns, so they can easily squeeze you into a curb or wall if they do not see you. The best option is to never pass a truck on the right side.

    1.  The Left Side of a Big Rig

This means you must pass on the left side. While the blind spot is smaller, it is still there. The further behind their window you are, the less likely they are to see you. Pass them as quickly as you safely can and never simply cruise beside them.

    1. The Back of a Big Rig

Do not treat a big rig the way you would treat another vehicle. If you are following them, leave more distance to increase the chance they can see you. That said, assume that they cannot. Leave plenty of room and stay alert when driving around a big rig.