Lawsuits Are Not Always Necessary After a Car Accident

It can be very costly to be involved in a car accident. From medical bills to missed work, the costs can add up. The good news is that if someone else was at fault, then you may be able to seek compensation rom them. The bad news is that you may not know how to get the money you deserve. All you have to do is contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 and we can offer a free case evaluation.

In the meantime, you can keep reading to get an answer to one of the most common questions we get from potential clients: Is it always necessary to file a lawsuit to get compensation for my damages? The simple answer is no. The full answer can be more complicated.

Insurance is the Main Way to Get Compensation After a Car Accidents

It is more common for a person who is injured in a car accident to have their damages paid by the car insurance company of the at-fault party than to have to file a lawsuit. The process generally begins with filing an insurance claim with said insurer. In the event that the at-fault party does not have auto insurance, then you may have to file for benefits from your own uninsured or underinsured motorist policy.

The Process Does Not Begin and End with Filing a Claim

In a perfect world, you would simply file a claim with the insurance provider of the at fault party and would then get the compensation you deserve. Unfortunately, it is not generally this simple. Why? Because the insurance company is looking for ways to reduce their payouts. They may look for ways to deny you compensation or lower the amount you get.

For this reason, you must be sure to notify the insurer about the accident as soon as you can after the accident. If you do not, then the insurance company pay be able to reserve the right to deny your claim simply because you did not file within a specific timeframe.

Once the claim has been filed, the insurer will review it. If they agree that their insured was at fault, then they are likely to offer a settlement. Note that this is most likely going to be for much less than you deserve. You do not have to accept it. In fact, we suggest that you do not. Instead, let your personal injury attorney negotiate with them to get a fair amount.

There Are Situations in Which You May Need to File a Lawsuit

Most cases are settled before it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit – but not always. In the event the insurer refuses to admit their insured was at fault, or they refuse to pay a fair settlement amount, then we may need to take your case to court. The great thing about working with The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker is that there is no upfront cost to you and if we do not win your case then you do not pay anything at all. Call us now at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation