Know What to Bring with You When You Visit a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are planning a visit to a personal injury attorney, there are several things you should plan to bring with you. When you contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we will let you know what to bring. In the meantime, you can keep reading to find out some of the things you should bring to a consultation.

All Medical Documents and Information

First and foremost, make sure you bring all the information you have about your injuries. This includes documents that explain the diagnosis and treatment of your injuries, bills from doctors, hospitals, physical therapists, and other medical professionals, documents outlining advice for future training, information on the ambulance service, the name and address of the hospital you were admitted to, the dates you were in the hospital, and a list of all prescription medications you were prescribed.

This is a partial list of most of the medical documentation that clients have. If you have additional information, bring it with you. If you were not taken to the hospital by ambulance or did not stay in the hospital, then you will not have all of the documents listed above. The point is to bring as much medical information as you can.

Insurance Information

We will need information on your health insurance coverage. If you do not have a booklet printed out, you can simply bring us a copy of your card with the insurance group and plan on it. We can then look it up to determine your coverage. You should also bring whatever information you have on the at-fault party’s insurance. If the accident was a car accident, this would include their car insurance. If the accident involved a drowning or slip and fall at their house, this would include their homeowner’s insurance.

Evidence of Lost Income

If you missed work or otherwise lost income due to the injury, then you should bring evidence of this. Include the dates that you missed due to injury, medical appointments, and recovery. Remember that lost income includes any vacation, PTO, or other personal paid time off your company gave you. You can still be reimbursed for this because you had to “spend” your benefits.

Photos and Official Reports

If there was a police report filed, bring it or information about where it is filed and its filing number. If there are any other official reports, bring those too. Bring photos or videos that you or someone else took at the scene of the accident, of your injuries, and of your recovery.

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