Is the Increase in On the Job Injuries the Result of an Aging Work Force?

There has been a significant increase in on the job injuries and many are not sure why. After all, there are more regulations, better healthcare, and overall less of a chance of danger today than there was 50 years ago. So why should there be more injuries? Some experts are pointing to the fact that Americans are working much later into life than they once did.

Americans are living longer than ever before

The average American now lives considerably longer than someone born just 60 years before them. What’s more, these older Americans are now working later as well. While there are many positives to this, one issue is that when many people work well into their 60s, they are more likely to be injured on the job. What’s more, when they are injured on the job, it generally takes them longer to recover than it would for a younger worker.

Consider these statistics

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics say that by 2024, workers 55 and over will be about one-quarter of the workforce. This means that there will be many people in this country who are working and very vulnerable to being injured. In fact, some estimates have found that 33% of fatal workplace falls involve workers who are 65 or older. As the person ages, their risk of a fatal fall goes up.

These studies also show that older workers are injured in different ways. They are more likely to be injured in areas that are harder to recover from, such as their knees, trunk, back, and shoulders. Finally, an older person will take longer to heal, which means they will be out of work longer than a younger person.

Older employees need to be aware of workers compensation rules

Workers in their 60s and beyond need to take steps to stay safe at work and to avoid injuries. If they are injured, then they should understand workers’ compensation – at least well enough to know when to call a workers’ compensation attorney.

Think of workers’ compensation as an insurance system. Your employer pays into it so that if you are injured on the job, become ill, or suffer an illness that is related to the job, then you will be covered by numerous benefits. Keep in mind that this is a no-fault system which means that unless a few very specific factors are present, it does not matter who was at fault for the accident. You may be eligible for

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