If You Were Injured in a Car Accident Due to Poor Road Design the Government Might Be Liable for Your Injuries

When it comes to automobile accidents, many of them have obvious reasons. Perhaps one of the drivers ran a red light, was texting while driving, or was impaired by drink or drugs. However, the reason of an accident isn’t always obvious. In many cases, an experienced vehicle accident lawyer may be able to delve further and uncover the underlying cause of the collision: inadequate road design.

There are many reasons roads might not be up to the challenges

Our roads, highways, and streets are built to endure a reasonable level of traffic across the United States. Conditions change, despite engineers’ best efforts. Perhaps a weather disaster caused a road to buckle, or a region saw an unanticipated population explosion. It might be that the person who designed the road didn’t take into account that the position of the roads would make it hard for drivers to see traffic coming at them during certain hours of the day.

The people who plan and build our roads have a difficult job — they have to develop roads that can withstand a wide range of circumstances and large quantities of traffic — yet failing to perform their job effectively may have serious implications.

Poorly designed roads can cause accidents

Accidents can happen at any time on poorly built roadways. Unwary drivers can be harmed by defects in the road, such as potholes, debris, and bumps, and end up in accidents. But who is to blame for an accident caused by inadequate road design?

A knowledgeable vehicle accident lawyer can assess if the city, state, or any government organization responsible for maintaining the road system can be held liable for the road’s bad design. Alternatively, the road’s construction firm might be sued.

Suing the government, on the other hand, may be quite complicated and necessitates adhering to a certain set of procedures. Typically, you must first submit a particular notice of claim with the government, and then you only have a certain amount of time to launch your case. This is a considerably shorter time span than when you sue a private individual. Because of the limited time limitation and the complexity of suing the government, it’s even more necessary to contact an expert automobile accident lawyer to handle your case if you believe your accident was caused in part by bad road design.

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