A lawsuit against the government may be required to recover.

How Poor Road Design Can Cause Accidents

When it comes to car accidents, many crashes have clear causes.  Maybe one driver ran a red light, was texting while driving, or was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  But sometimes, the cause of an accident isn’t so clear.  In those situations, a skilled car accident attorney may be able to dig deeper and find an underlying cause of the collision: poor road design.

Throughout the United States, our roads, highways, and streets are designed to withstand a fair amount of traffic.  But despite engineers’ best predictions, conditions change.  Perhaps an area experienced an unexpected population boom, or a weather event caused a road to buckle.  Maybe a construction error led to tension joints popping up through the road, or perhaps the engineer simply did not anticipate that positioning a road in a certain way would make it difficult for drivers to see oncoming traffic at certain times of the day. Undoubtedly, the people who design and build our roads have a difficult job — having to construct roadways that hold up under a variety of conditions and massive amounts of traffic — but a failure to do their job properly can have major consequences.

When roads are poorly designed, accidents can happen at any time.  Unsuspecting drivers can be affected by flaws in the road — from potholes to debris to bumps — and get into accidents. But who is at fault when poor road design leads to an accident?

A skilled car accident attorney will be able to determine if the city, state, or another government entity responsible for maintaining the road system can be sued for the poor design of the road.  Alternatively, the company that constructed the road could be sued.  However, suing the government can be incredibly complex, and requires following a special set of rules.  Typically, you have to file a special notice of a claim with the government and then you have a limited amount of time to file the lawsuit.  This time frame is much shorter than in cases where you sue a private individual.  This shortened time frame and the complicated nature of suing the government makes it all the more important that you hire an experienced car accident attorney to handle your case if you suspect your accident it was at least partially caused by faulty road design.

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