How Not to Fall Prey to Common Myths About Auto Insurance Companies

A vehicle collision is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most individuals. While this is a positive thing, it might put you at a significant disadvantage when dealing with your insurance provider. Every day, your insurer deals with accidents, and you may have little or no experience with insurance claims.

Understanding some of the most prevalent auto insurance myths might help you preserve your legal rights. Some of these misconceptions may be used by your or the other driver’s insurance company to try to minimize your compensation claim. You’ll be in a better position to argue for your claim to compensation if you grasp the reality about these falsehoods.

Insurance adjusters are not there to assist you

While the insurance adjuster who comes to assess the damage to your automobile and your injuries may appear to be a kind person (and may be!), his or her duty is to save money for his or her employer, not to obtain you the most money for your losses. That’s why it’s important to remember that the adjuster’s goal is to reduce your claim’s value. When communicating with your adjuster, use care – or have him or her speak directly to your lawyer instead.

You do require the services of an attorney

Insurance companies sometimes try to prevent automobile accident victims from hiring attorneys. They may persuade you that you don’t need a lawyer since your injuries will be compensated fairly. Working with a lawyer can result in a much larger settlement or award than you would otherwise get, because personal injury attorneys know how to value your case and obtain the greatest compensation for your injuries.

Your injuries are relevant to your case

Insurance companies may also try to downplay your claim by claiming that your injuries are the result of your age or a pre-existing condition. Even if you had medical problems before to the accident, the accident may have exacerbated them, and you are entitled to compensation for any additional pain, suffering, or medical care as a result of the accident. Medical experts can testify as to the source of your injuries, which is why you shouldn’t trust the insurance company when they claim your ailments are unrelated to the accident.

You do not have to allow the adjuster to record a statement

An insurance adjuster’s duty, as previously stated, is to decrease the amount of money his business pays out on accident claims. Adjusters want to record your statement so they may use it against you later. The tone of your voice, a lack of emotion, or anything you say can be utilized to demonstrate that you aren’t in pain or that you didn’t suffer as much as you claim. That is why, before making any statement to the insurance company, you should consult with an attorney about your rights.

Hiring an attorney will not cause your claim to be delayed

While the legal procedure might be long, there is no assurance that you will receive a fair or even speedy settlement if you do not hire a lawyer. According to studies, hiring a lawyer leads in larger insurance payouts, and it’s frequently worth the wait to be fully paid. While each case is unique, it is extremely feasible to swiftly settle your case for a fair sum with the help of an attorney – and you will almost certainly collect considerably more than you would have without one.

Insurance companies are in business to earn money, not to provide you with the maximum amount of compensation. That is why these misconceptions are so widespread; they are used to persuade accident victims to settle fast, without the assistance of a lawyer, in order for the insurance companies to pay as little as possible.

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