How Dangerous is It to Drive While Dehydrated? The Answer Could Surprise You

We are all aware of the hazards of driving under the influence of alcohol or while sleep deprived. However, it turns out that another condition can severely affect your driving abilities, resulting in a car accident: dehydration.

Dehydration driving is dangerous, according to research

Dehydration might make drivers more prone to mistake, according to a study done at Loughborough University in England and published in the Journal of Physiology and Behavior. The researchers used a simulator to invite 12 men to undergo a two-hour highway trip for the study.

The guys drank 200 cc of water every hour on the first day to stay hydrated. On the second day, the guys drank only 25 cc of water every hour, resulting in dehydration comparable to that experienced by a busy individual at the end of the day or a motorist on a lengthy automobile trip.

The men completed the two-hour simulation on the first day with only 47 mistakes between them. They made more than twice as many mistakes on the second day, when they were dehydrated. The researchers pointed out that this rise in mistakes would be predicted whether they were evaluating sober and intoxicated drivers, as well as rested and sleep-deprived drivers.

The effects of dehydration on your body

Water makes up roughly 65 percent of the human body, and it is necessary for all physiological systems to function properly. Blood circulation, metabolism, body temperature regulation, detoxification, and brain function are all part of this. All of these systems deteriorate when a person is dehydrated.

Dehydration, on the other hand, causes driving mistakes due to decreased brain activity. Drivers who are dehydrated have difficulty thinking clearly, remaining attentive, and using short-term memory, all of which raise the likelihood of an accident.

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