Learn what information police and other investigators look for and how this information can be used

How Car Accidents Are Investigated

A car accident can take place in the blink of an eye. It is not at all uncommon for involved parties to be unaware of how exactly the accident happened and unable to provide crucial information that would help determine who caused the accident. Two drivers involved in the same accident often have very different versions of events, based on what they saw and what they remember later.

In order to get to the bottom of the matter and determine what really happened during a car accident, it’s important to look to the facts, which can be uncovered with a thorough investigation including:

Criminal Investigation: In the case of a serious car accident, the police will likely be called to the scene. While there, they will conduct an investigation, which will be written up in an accident report. A criminal investigation is just one part of this investigation. The police will be looking for any evidence suggesting that any of the involved parties broke the law. For example, if open alcohol containers were found in one of the vehicles, the police would note this as possible evidence that the driver of that vehicle might have committed a DUI. Police will also check for evidence of traffic infractions like speeding that could have contributed to the accident. Based on what they find, they will make their assessment of liability in the accident report.

Vehicle Inspection: Vehicle inspections may be done by police and/or independent investigators. These investigators may work for the insurance companies or for an attorney representing the injured individuals. They will look closely at the vehicles, not only to determine the cost of the damage to the vehicles, but also to document evidence that could help show how the accident took place. The type and location of dents, scrapes, and other damage on the vehicles can show who hit who from what angle, and at what speed.

Site Inspection: Even more evidence showing how the accident took place can be found around the accident site. For example, if skid marks are present they can be measured to show when the vehicles started braking, how long it took them to stop, and how fast they were going. It is ideal for the site to be inspected before the vehicles are moved, since the position of the vehicles can provide additional insight into how the accident took place.

The data gathered during these inspections can be used by accident reconstructionists to calculate crash speeds, angles of collision, braking speeds, impact speeds, skid distances, and other facts that will help explain exactly how the accident took place.

The work of an accident reconstructionist is especially important in cases where liability for the accident is being contested, as it can replace the highly subjective eyewitness testimony of the involved drivers with impartial and objective scientific evidence.

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