Most, but not all, dogs are friendly. Understanding situations where dogs are inclined to bite may help you avoid a dog bite or attack. In the event that a dog bites you or a loved one, in many cases, you can take legal action. Dog bite and animal attack lawyers in Los Angeles can explain your rights for recovering compensation.

The Humane Society of the United States offers some basic guidelines that can help you avoid a dog bite:

  • Do not approach unfamiliar dogs
  • Avoid dogs that are chained, tied or behind fences, as they tend to be very territorial
  • Allow a dog to see and sniff you before petting it
  • If you are afraid of the dog, never turn your back and run — a dog’s instinct is to attack someone fleeing
  • Never disturb a dog that is eating, playing with a toy or nursing puppies
  • Do not scream if you think the dog is about to attack
  • With an agitated dog, remain motionless with hands at your sides and after the dog loses interest, slowly back away
  • If the dog attacks, put an object between you and the dog, such as a jacket or purse
  • If the dog attacks you, fall on the ground, curl into a ball, cover your ears with your hands and remain quiet and still

Long Beach dog bite injury lawyers can investigate the accident and determine which California statutes best apply to your situation and enable you to recover damages.

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